Best Free Online Christmas Games for Students
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The Best Free Online Christmas Games.

It’s Christmas time, and everyone loves to have a little bit of fun. From the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, it is always nice to play some games at this particular time of year. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best free online Christmas games for children.

The Best online Christmas games for children include simple fun and engaging gameplay, Christmas themes throughout. When using these games in a classroom then short or staged gameplay is preferable allowing more students to be involved. It is also beneficial to have follow up tasks to give purpose to the activities.

If you are looking for more”best of” online games we have a HUGE list following this article that covers CVC, grammar, Parts of speech, sentence and loads more. You can read through or jump to the table of games right now by pressing here.

We also have a huge amount of printable resources and activities which we have listed at the end as well. If you wish to have some printable resources to go along with the games than you can press here as well to jump to them at the bottom of the page. If not we have our best free online christmas games below.

1. Christmas Trio -Making English fun

FREE Christmas Online Game

It seems there are not very many games out there that focus on both Christmas and education. We can understand, its christmas party time, presents and tasty food. However we have made this matching game which helps teach christmas vocabulary and rhyming to students as well as having fun 😊

online xmas games

We have three games:

  • A word to picture matching game
  • A rhyming word game
  • And a find the hidden picture game which gets more difficult the better you are.

So we hope we can introduce an educational Christmas game into your lessons this year as well 😊

You can play on this site the link is in the picture and title😊

2. Christmas Balloons

Online christmas games

The Christmas Balloons game is for the little ones, but even older children will love it. All you do in this game is pop balloons. It sounds simple enough, but things get pretty challenging once the number of balloons goes up and up. 

The graphics are adorable – the balloons have different expressions and are diffeent colours. All you have to do is pop as many as you can without popping th red smiling ballons.

It needs fast fingers and fast eyes, if you are working in Early years it is also good for dexterity and hand eye coordination. A fun online christmas game.


  • It’s free
  • Very easy to use interface; toddlers should have no problems playing this game
  • It’s a Christmas-themed game make everything more festive during December
  • Cute graphics and fun gameplay

Cons:  It’s a straightforward game, so that older children may get bored with this one. Also, the music that plays throughout is pretty repetitive

3. Primary – Christmas selection

There are Loads on this site ( and a few sites like it) it is not massively educational ( but it is christmas!) but they do have a wide choice and wide range of online christmas games for children and primary students.

They are set up in the form of a ”mobile phone” and i think they are likely to have been made with mobile apps in mind. However they work and are great fun. They do have an advert before each game but its pretty short.

Although they are simple some require a little finger dexterity that your little ones may struggle with.

You can try them on the link in the picture or in the title.

4. Christmas Word search

Online Christmas games

There are two online Christmas games in this list made my They are really good at making engaging and educational games and they are a go to in our classrooms.

This is an interactive christmas word search and it can be suitable for both younger and older children, as you have the choice of using a large word search or a small one. The words are all Christmas vocabulary so it can also be apart of a christmas lesson or activity.

The words include:


This Christmas online game has sound effects so check your speaker levels! and with the large range of christmas words could be used over a few weeks on the build up to the christmas holidays

You can access it by clicking on the title or the picture above.

5. Flap Cat Christmas

Online christmas games

The FlapCat  is an entertaining online christmas game where you get to be the pilot of Santa’s Sleigh and reindeer. (flown by a cat…) . The objective of this game is to keep the cat flying through the air for as long as possible. .

Using your finger to control where the cat goes makes this game very interactive and engaging his game has a little (very little) educational value as it helps your child with hand-eye coordination. It is actually pretty difficult so check it first so you don’t have a class of frustrated toddlers!


  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Christmas themed graphics and easy gameplay.
  •  There are no complicated buttons or menus that need navigating- tap anywhere on the screen with your finger to move up, down, left, or right.

6. Christmas Online Word Search – Stormed Apps

Online Christmas Game

If your kids love playing simple non-extravagant online games, they’ll love this Christmas online. Word search. The objective of this game is to find all the christmas words hidden in the grid. To do this, you must tap the letters that correctly spell the word.

This game has simple graphics and animations, but there is also no distracting music, making for a more calming Christmas experience. You can also opt to pause the game and take a rest.


  • It’s free (you can pay money to remove ads)
  • Very easy to use interface; toddlers should have no problems playing this game though they may need some guidance with the spellings
  • Cute graphics make learning fun during December.

7. Christmas Crossword –

online christmas games

Our Second game by ABCya, its possible to print these out to make them a classroom activity as well although we have Christmas crosswords on this site as well.

You click the first letter of the word ( or empty box) and it will display a clue and a grid of letters to chose from to spell the missing word.

it is actually harder than you may think so they have included a hint button ( though it costs stars to get a hint).

A nice sedate activity if the Christmas madness is all getting a little too much in your class or home!

8. Christmas Match –

Free Christmas Online Games

If your kids love playing games like candy crush, they’ll love Christmas Match too. In this game, you have to match up pictures of the same type to make them disappear. There are different types of pictures, candy cans, snowmen, stars bells and teddy bears.

This Christmas online game has colorful graphics and animations, but there is also sweet music, making for a more fun experience. However its educational value may be limited!


  • It’s free ( although there are ads on the page – just like this one 😉 )
  • Cute graphics make learning fun.
  • There are no complicated buttons or menus that need navigation.
  • The music is lovely, and it sounds like something you would hear in a Christmas movie.

9. Finding Santa – Primary

online santa games

Every childs dream is to go on a hunt for Santa! Well we have the next best thing. This fun and FAST online christmas game asks students to look for a specific santa, maybe with their back turned, wearing green or with a mask. they have to click on them to progress.

it is from the primarygames site and they have a large selection of online christmas games (and otherwise) on there.

It is just for fun but if you play this is a class you are going to have the whole class offering their advice and shouting where the santas are.

Check it out on the link on the title or on the picture.

10. Decorate a Christmas Tree –

online christmas tree

There are a few similar options like this on You can design a Christmas jumper, match Christmas shapes and this one which allows students to make and decorate their own Christmas tree.

I work in an area that is not huge on Christmas and is also relatively poor. Some of my students are never going to have a Christmas tree in their home. So i come up with ways for them to make their own.This activity allows them to do just that and then i can print it out for them to take home.

We also have other Christmas tree activities using quiver and Augmented reality as well. ( these are really REALLY cool)


11. Christmas Chain – akidsheart

I remember playing games like this years ago. A simple gameplay involves the student shooting the correct colored ball to make 3 or more in a row and pop them.

These type of games developed into games like candy crush and others. This is however simpler and more suited to younger children ( or adults like me!)

Although it is an individual game it could be played for a few mins at the end of lessons just for some festive fun.

12. Christmas Match – ESLGamesPlus

ESL Games Plus make regular appearances in our round up pages. they make great short and targeted English games. This one is one of their Christmas online games, a simple vocabulary matching game for classrooms and students.

Students simply have to find the correct word and picture in as short a time as possible.

These type of online christmas games suit a classroom environment as you can have different students take a turn and the rest can read the vocabulary and remember where they are in the grid.

Tracking Santa Sites

There are a few of these but the two best ones we have found are from two very, very different sites.

Google Santa Tracking: One is from Google who currently has Santa on holiday with the elves and reindeer trying to track him down. Once December roles round it kicks into action.

google santa tracker

Norad Santa Tracking: The other is from NORAD ( not known for tracking Santa, but they do have pretty good tracking capabilities!!!) who before december have a banner page saying to come back on December 1st.

Norad santa tracker

Lets hope after them when they have him tracked down someone doesn’t press the wrong button!!!!

You can access both sites from the links on their pictures 🙂

online northpole games

Northpole: Although this is not a tracking site is is a great site to maybe give to children to explore at home. It covers all things christmas and has stories recipes, mini games, gift ideas, rafts and more. Loads to keep you busy in the run up to christmas and to give you ideas in the classroom or for the students to take home and try some tasks.

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    Printable Christmas Resources

    We have here both worksheets and activities for you to a little fun into your Christmas lessons We have worksheets, games, reading, word searches crosswords and more.

    Christmas Workbook: We have collected all of our worksheets and activities here for the price of a coffee

    Kindergarten: We have Kindergarten and Grade 1 Christmas Worksheets and activities for FREE here for download and printing.

    Christmas crosswords: A pair of very pretty christmas crosswords for FREE download here.

    Seven FREE Christmas Worksheets. These are lovely to use or make a pack to send home for some students christmas fun.

    Christmas Dominoes: this is great as a christmas lesson and students produce a piece of work and reading they can take home to show their parents.

    Christmas Reading Passages: These are a set of 7 Free reading passages and comprehension Questions for (likely) grade 2-5 depending on ability. They are really Really popular and we are giving them free this christmas.


    We hope these online Christmas games have been useful to you and that you have a great time at Christmas. Whether you are a parent or a teacher it is a great time to be around children, we hope our christmas games and resources help make it even better.

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