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100+ Fantastic Fun Phonics Worksheets and activities

The phonics worksheets we have linked below will follow this format. We include the following phonics worksheets

Single Sounds and Onset and Rime Worksheets
CVC Worksheets
Long and Short Vowels Worksheets
Blends and Digraphs Worksheets
Syllable Worksheets

We have put these into collections which are also highlighted on the page where needed as well. The individual worksheets are free

Fabulous Phonics Activities For Kindergarten and Preschool

Free Phonics Activities

We have chosen some of the best activities that are suitable to get this reading skills process started both at home and in classrooms and highlighted them below.

10 of the best Free blends and digraph games online.

Consonant blends and Consonant digraphs can be tricky to teach. I am a teacher and have a collection of online games from this site, Kisi phonics and Education.com, Top Marks and more that teach and practice both these phonic rules. They include digraph sort and matching games and digraph sound recognition and are suitable for all ages.

How to teach Your Child to read

I have just had a Parents evening, as a teacher not a parent. In fact, I am an English teacher and one of the most common questions I get from parents is asking ”How can I teach my child to read?”. I explain it… Continue Reading “How to teach Your Child to read”

18 ideas on How to Teach English to children at Home

There are pages upon pages of advice and resources on how to teach English in Schools. Schools with all their resources, trained staff and designated curriculum. There is much less advice and help out there for teaching English in a home school setting. So we have prepared these 18 Easy ideas on how to teach your children English at home.

What are the 7 reading comprehension Strategies.

What are the seven reading comprehension strategies? Although they often have slightly different names they are commonly referred to as: Summarization, Question Asking, Previewing, Text Structures, Graphic Organizers /Visualizing, Inferencing and Metacognition.