Online Phonics games

You can access 14 free to play online phonics games. You can play these in browsers and computers. They cover the whole range of phonics skills: initial and ABC sounds, Blending, digraphs vowels, syllables and much much more! Useful both in homes and classrooms.

There are also app version of these on Google, Apple or both.

These games are totally free to play and this page leads to the online versions. So if you are on a mobile i have included the links to the Google and Apple versions if you want to try. There is a video on the link as well so you can see if it suits you before you download them. The Google and android apps have two versions, one with adverts and one paid without. I link here to the free ones!! There are many more, these are just the ones online as well as on mobile 🙂

I discovered when making the apps that i can with a couple of clicks make them play on websites / online as well. So here they are for those times you want a whole class to play. They are hosted on Itch.Io which will open a new Web Browser page, if you like them or they are useful consider giving me a comment there and here. It really helps me 🙂 If you subscribe to the YouTube Channel I will be really happy!!

CVC Word Maker and Generator

Just press the green button to make a random CVC (three letter) Word! Great for consolidation and helping students blend phonetic sounds together!

Sentence Bridge Builder

sentence builder

This is a fun and educational sentence building game designed for those who need practice on sentence construction in English. It is designed for all ages.

Word Hop and Pop

Full English Learning in One App! , ABC, Phonics, Blends, Magic E and Sight words. ABC , CVC, Vowel, English Blends, Magic E, Syllables and sight words all wrapped up in one easy to use English Word and phonics game.

Swing Words – English and Phonics Games

Short Vowel Sounds, CVC Words
• Learn Phonics Sounds and ABC sounds
• Magic E and Long and Short Vowels
• Blending sounds and Diagraphs
• Over 40 levels with free coins to win!
• Cute Child friendly images
• Ideal for home or classrooms
• Learn to read and have fun

Sentence Scramble online

  • •3 English Sentence games
  • •Easy to use, easy to read and easy to learn!
  • •used to schools all over the world
  • •made by teachers for teachers
  • •Useful for all ages

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