FREE Online Phonics games

We have these Free online Phonics game hosted here on the site. They include, Phonics sounds, CVC words, Blends and digraphs, Silent E and vowel rules and even sight words and syllables.

They Include the following Free online phonics games.

The table below lists our games ( ones we and the teachers here have made) and then the other columns point to specific articles and posts where we list the ”best of the rest” It can be very difficult to find online games for teachers, so hopefully book marking this page will save you some time!

Our Phonics and Vocabulary Games ( see below for details) The Best of the Rest Phonics and Vocabulary Games.
CVC generatorBest Free Online CVC and Word Blending Games
Sentence Bridge BuilderBest Free Online Magic E games.
Phonics Hop and PopBest Free Digraph and Blends Online Games
Swing PhonicsBest Free Short Vowel Online Games
Sentence ScrambleBest Free Long Vowel Online Games
The Big Phonics QuizBest Free Sentence Online Games
CVC BlitzBest Free Prepositions Online Games
CVC ScrambleBest Free Online Syllable Games
Hidden words and PhonicsBest Free Action Verb Online Games
Silent and Magic E match,Best Free Adjective Online Games
Blends Phonics Game
Christmas, Halloween Games as well.
  • CVC generator
  • Sentence Bridge Builder
  • Phonics Hop and Pop
  • Swing Phonics
  • Sentence Scramble
  • The Big Phonics Quiz
  • CVC Blitz
  • CVC Scramble
  • Hidden words and Phonics
  • Silent and Magic E match,
  • Blends Phonics Game
  • Christmas, Halloween Games as well.

Our Free Online Phonics Games

As education, especially at the moment, moves to incorporate online learning the need for easily accessible resources is only going to increase. Here we have our selection to help. We are an English teaching website so all the games you will find here are phonics, grammar or vocabulary based. You can play them as often as you like, we keep these totally free for teachers to teach phonics online. They are designed to be simple enough for young learners and are actually designed to be played on white boards or projectors in classrooms as well. We have included app versions for some of them incase you have access to iPads and Tablets.

These online phonics games are totally free to play and this page leads to the online versions. So if you are on a mobile I have included the links to the Google and Apple versions if you want to try. (note: These come and go as i have time to do the updates from google!!)

There is a video on the link as well so you can see if it suits you before you download them. The Google and android apps have two versions, one with adverts and one paid without. I link here to the free ones!! There are many more, these are just the ones online as well as on mobile 🙂

I discovered when making the apps that i can with a couple of clicks i can put these online phonics games on websites / online as well. So here they are for those times you want a whole class to play. They are hosted on Itch.Io which will open a new Web Browser page, if you like them or they are useful consider giving me a comment there and here. It really helps me 🙂 If you subscribe to the YouTube Channel It also helps us grow!

CVC Word Maker and Generator

Making and reading CVC Words are a superb way for younger learners to learn how to blend those single phonetic sounds they have learnt. This Maker aims to generate random words for students to practice blends together. Just press the green button to make a random CVC (three letter) Word! Great for consolidation and helping students blend phonetic sounds together! This is free on Android and online here (link in the picture) We use this in our classrooms and is great to send home for students to practice during school closures or home school.

Sentence Bridge Builder

sentence builder

This sentence building online game asks students to put either the missing word into a sentence or to build a bridge with the words in the correct order. It has an increasing difficulty of levels of more and more words. This is a fun and educational sentence building game designed for those who need practice on sentence construction in English. It is designed for all ages. This is hosted here so just click the picture to play!

Although not an online phonics game it is a really useful skill for students.

Word Hop and Pop

This is our most popular FREE online phonics Game. It actually has two games, a listening and matching game that covers 8 Phonics subjects. The other game asks students, younger ages are more suited, to match the word with the floating words. This really is a Full English Phonics game in One App! , ABC, Phonics, Blends, Magic E and Sight words. ABC , CVC, Vowel, English Blends, Magic E, Syllables and sight words all wrapped up in one easy to use English Word and phonics game. This is great for playing on your own or on a white board for your class.

Swing Words – English and Phonics Games

This is our Largest and most in-depth game. Also a Phonics game online that we provide for free. You can play this on your own or in classrooms with the whole class. IT Follows the SATIPN order of phonics and gets increasingly difficult with longer words and more difficult phonics sounds as the player works through the phonics sounds.

Short Vowel Sounds, CVC Words
• Learn Phonics Sounds and ABC sounds
• Magic E and Long and Short Vowels
• Blending sounds and Diagraphs
• Over 40 levels with free coins to win!
• Cute Child friendly images
• Ideal for home or classrooms
• Learn to read and have fun

Sentence Scramble online

One of most popular games. This is a simple sentence scramble game for classrooms, you simply have to put the words in the correct order. It goes from simple three words sentences to 6 words. It is really simple to play and allows students to take a break from the other online phonics games on this page.

  • •3 English Sentence games
  • •Easy to use, easy to read and easy to learn!
  • •used to schools all over the world
  • •made by teachers for teachers
  • •Useful for all ages

A huge English Free Online Phonics game and Quiz. This has over 300 Phonics questions to play on your own or in classrooms.

Just in time for the holidays. This is a Christmas rhyming and Vocabulary matching game.

CVC blitz is another of our more popular games. This online phonics game aims to help younger learners and kindergarten age students practice how to put together single phonics sounds into simple 3 letter words. It has both spelling and listening exercises.

Another Online phonics CVC game for young learners. Players must simply put the three letter words in the correct order by tapping the letters they wish to change.

A mixed phonics and vocabulary scramble game. This has picture hints if needed as well.

This is a rare phonics game online. It focusses on Blending and consonant digraphs. These are often tricky and this game allows students to practice them both on their own and in classrooms.

A just for fun Hidden words and pictures game. We have put the alphabet in there to allows students to get familiar with the sounds and shapes of English letters.

Our First ever game! We made this Halloween matching game as a test of what we could create. it still stands up to the test of time for classroom lessons on Halloween.

Silent and Magic E sounds are often tricky for younger learners, We have made this online phonics game to help practice and consolidate this. It is better to be played in classrooms with a teacher.

We will add to these periodically, but as they are a mainstay of our website they will always be online here. However I would suggest bookmarking this page in case we reorganize.