English Teaching Apple and Android Apps

Below you will find links for both Apple and Android English learning applications. They all are free to install and free to play and will be so forever 🙂

There are alot of them that can be played online if you are still in a classroom!

Sentence Bridge Builder

The newest App ( so far just on Android as both apple and Android are taking longer to approve during this health crisis) It will be online soon! It is a simple sentence building game one version is find the missing word the other is build the whole sentence. It goes from three word sentences to 6 word and you can change the animal ( by watching a video!)

Swing ‘n’Slide Phonics

All 44 Sounds with unlockable characters and a fun and engaging game.

Three games in each level, jump to the correct word, listen and swing and build the bridge, all using targeted phonics. Free to play,



A charades flip the phone game with ready made and editable subjects for teachers. Free and paid versions available! You can just watch the video to unlock the Paid content though!

Phonics Hop and Pop

Two Fun and Interactive Phonics games, with 9 different subjects, including CVC, ABC, Blends, Syllables and much more!

Slide ‘n’ Spell – Make the Word

A slide and spell English Spelling and phonics game designed for students of all abilities ( there is even a little something for teachers!) Slide the letters to spell the 3, 4 or 7 letter words to complete the puzzle and move onto the next section.

Halloween Monster Match

A cute little Halloween matching game to help students learn the vocabulary for Halloween and monsters!

Magic E Mix and Match

Magic E Mix and Match helps students learn and practice this difficult English grammar rule. 3 different games to play and online versions!
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

Hidden Pictures – Find the Word!

Increasingly more difficult Find the picture game, like ”Where’s Wally” but with both letters, and pictures so it helps learn English as well!
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

CVC Blitz! – 4 CVC word games!

Four fun matching games with sounds to help young learners learn how to start to move from ABC sounds to blending letters with onset and rime. Check out more information, pictures and videos here.

CVC Word Scramble and Phonics Play

3 Phonics games that help students and children learn to put letters together and start to spell simple three letter words. Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

Christmas ”Trio”

3 Christmas matching games, that help students and children learn Christmas vocabulary. There is also a rhyming game and a hidden words game in there for fun!
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

The Great Big English Quiz!!

Learn to read and practice English with this comprehensive and free English Language quiz for children of all ages. Over three hundred English and phonic questions and sounds.

Click here for more info, screenshots and video

English Word Chef

More advanced English word game that tests high level learners, and teachers. Try it now!
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

Phonetic Alphabet Learn and Practice

Designed as a simple and quick test for university students and all those looking to learn or practice their IPA skills.

Phonics One Stop Shop

The biggest app. 8 subjects with over 21 games all designed to help children and students learn all aspects of English. We even hid a little game in there for those clever enough to find it.

English Blends Matching Game

Four blending games to help students learn and practice the difficult digraphs and sounds of English.
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

Sentence Scramble

A fun game that helps learners learn how to construct simple English sentences. Timed and non timed versions! Great for all ages.
Click here for more info, screenshots and videos.

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