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Helping young learners move from learning their ABC’s and CVCs and starting to use these words in mixed up sentences. it helps to practice blending and sentence construction with this simple English word game.

This educational app contains simple and more complex sentences that they have to rearrange to their correct form.

Simple sentences are mixed up and children and students are asked to move the words till they spell these sentences correctly. They start with very simple three words sentences and move up to six and 7 word sentences. These are more complex so there are fewer of them. This word game is designed to help reinforce sentence construction and English grammar rules in a fun way. The sentence game is also on my website so it can be played as a quick break in classrooms if there are not enough tablets. 

This sentence word game can be used to help with spelling strategies, including sounding out, picture recognition, phonics and subject verb object forms and use of adjectives

In this sentence game i have included 3 versions:

Countdown: a 60 second initial timer where the student tries to do as many words as they 
can in time. This allows classrooms with less access to technology to take turns easier. It also has bonus time if they can complete each level in time. 

Pictures Round: There are 50 sentences with picture clues to try to help them if they are having difficultly, the visuals also help young learners who are not ready for just words yet.

Word game hints: There is a short word hint if the question mark is pressed that may help if the children or students are struggling. 

I am an English teacher and teach literacy, reading strategies and phonics to young learners. The easiest way is to use word games and make lessons fun. This app has been tried on my own students in their reading and phonics lessons and it makes reading much easier when they are engaged and motivated. I often found constructing sentences to be a challenge so thought I would release this sentence game.

As I teach it is often a struggle to find something that is just a tool to help teach a point so I made these English, phonics, sentence games, word games and grammar games. 

These phonics and sentence games are all Classroom friendly and can be played for 2-10 minutes as a part of a lesson.
Sometimes it is not about the flashy animations but about the content and that is what I hope this sentence game can do. 

I have found my students confidence is using English words, English grammar and English phonics has improved by being able to engage on their own, or with friends before being asked to do tasks in front of the class.
This sentence game goes someway in supporting that skill. 

English Play and Phonics Play is an important part of the learning process for children especially younger children. Taking difficult tasks and making them enjoyable, interactive and purposeful will gain quicker results than simple rote learning of a language. I hope by using phonics play these apps will go some way to helping you, your students or your children learn English is a fun and interactive way.

Although made for ESL ( English as Second language) this word game can be used for any grade of students who need a little help or boost. 
The best way to do this is not to play and play and play this sentence game but to dip in once or twice a week to practice and learn. This is why i have kept the word game simple and easy so they can be used in English and Second language classrooms as a resource not a curriculum. 

This said… I will make this sentence game more ‘flashy’ in the next update as well as add some more sentences and make the time longer.

sentence games, word games and phonics games can be fun!

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