Verb to be Worksheets

The verb to be is a very important verb, found in many sentences. It can be used as an action verb or as a linking verb. It is also one of the earliest verb structures that beginning learners of English will come in contact with. It is a busy little verb and can also be an auxiliary verb. We have made these verb to be worksheets to help introduce it to your students.

These verb to be worksheets are designed for younger and beginning students of English. They focus on the present tense and are of two difficultly levels. One simpler and one more complex so you can use in mixed ability classrooms.

What Is An Auxiliary Verb?

Verb To Be Worksheet 1

An auxiliary verb is a verb that is used with another main verb. The term “auxiliary verbs” can be used in two different ways. It can refer to any verb used in conjunction with another verb, regardless of whether they both appear in the same clause or sentence (as in the example above).

In this sense, words like help, do, be and have are also called auxiliary verbs. Alternatively, it can refer only to those words that are always followed by an infinitive.

Before we get into some tips for teaching and descriptions if you want to just download the worksheets you can do so with the link below.

What Is The Verb ”To Be” Used For?

It can be used as an action verb to tell what someone or something is doing it can be in the past or present tense and be used as a linking or action verb and as a state of being.

Examples can include.

  • We are happy.
  • They are sad.
  • He is a boy.
  • It is quiet
  • She was looking for her phone.
  • She is riding her bike
  • I am six years old
  • You are smart!
  • There is one apple on the table.
  • There are four bottles of water on the table.

Sometimes it follows words like here or there when they introduce subjects in a sentence; these words tell you where something exists or what someone’s location is at any given time.

The simple English that students learn early on in lessons is full of examples of this word in use and it is one of the earliest grammar points to be introduced in English. We have made these verb to be worksheets to aim for a very early introduction to the infinitive verb and to do so they focus only on the present tense.

Verb To Be Worksheet

Five Ideas To Teach The Verb ”to be’

  1. Sing songs with it. There are many songs that have this verb in them. I am listing just a few:
    Old MacDonald had a farm (the animals are on the farm, the farmer is a he)
    Jack and Jill. If you are Happy and you know it the list is endless!! Be careful with this one as there are loads of videos with spelling mistakes on YouTube.
  2. Couple it with teaching personal pronouns
    You can ask questions about images with boys girls, animals, groups, and more. When they answer model the answer as she is happy, it is a dog, the flowers are lovely, we are happy or what ever the subject of the picture is.
  3. Play online games with you children or students. Here is an example of the MANY to be / infinitive / auxiliary verb games you can find online. It is a simple fill in the gaps online verb game.
  4. Practice with worksheets like the free downloads we have linked to here.
  5. Play Games with your students the link takes you to a video in the form of a game but you can easily recreate this in your classroom with flash cards.

You can download our verb to be worksheets from the link below. We hope they are helpful.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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