Making English Fun: The Phonics and Reading Mega Bundle.

Never waste your time searching for worksheets and activities again.

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You get all 7 workbooks, (over 373 pages) and our CVC generator for PC as well.


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Use your time with your children and students, not searching in front of a computer.

So much time is wasted searching through pages trying to find quality English and phonics materials to use in class or with your children. Let us help you get that time back.

Big educational publishers don’t listen to the needs of teachers and students

We are a group of teachers who not only provide our materials here, we use them on a daily basis abound the world. Our manta is product over profit and always will be.

There is no one size fits all English or phonics workbook for all students.

We 100% Agree. Every student is different. this is why we have different levels and styles of task, games and activity. We aim to engage as many students as possible.

Student motivation can be difficult in todays fast paced world.

Using engaging English and phonics reading activities, games, apps, puzzles and worksheets aimed at their level and interests helps them to focus and keep on task.

Win over your colleagues by bringing new ideas to planning meetings.

With over 350 printable worksheets and games and tasks you will never be short of lesson ideas again. be the expert in your school and share them with your colleagues and friends.

I can’t change the order of the English and Phonics workbooks I buy

We believe you know your students best. We provide our English and phonics workbooks in our order, you are free to use them in any way that you, your school and your students need.


Material and game downloads


Pages of games and worksheets


Countries it has been accessed in.


The price tag for all of this.

How Can We Help You?

  • We want to offer parents and teachers the chance to use their time teaching not trawling through pages on the internet
  • We have 7 Workbooks in the bundle covering Phonics and English from ABC and CVC, Digraphs, Blending, Long and Short Vowels.
  • These are supplemented with over 130 printable pages of engaging and levelled reading materials with comprehension questions.
  • There are links and access to our suite of online English sentence, sounds and phonics games to play in class or at home.
  • There are printable board games for classroom and home on multiple aspects of phonics and reading skills.
  • We want you to share this with your colleagues, we are very much a product over profit team and our enjoyment comes from knowing we are helping.
  • Our first aim is to help, if you find you need something not included ( and we have it of course) just drop us an email and we can point you in the right direction.


Cursive handwriting workbook
7 Reading Strategy Worksheets
Blend and digraph workbook
Long and Short Vowels Workbook
Phonics and reading skills Workbook
Kindergarten comprehension readers
Reading Comprehension Workbook
Long and Short Vowels Workbook
You get all 7 workbooks, (over 373 pages) and our CVC generator for PC as well.


Let’s Answer Your Questions

What is included in the bundle?

In this, our largest bundle, you will find 7 separate workbooks, each fully printable as a standalone resource. These workbooks are Reading Skills and CVC, Digraphs and Blends, Long and Short Vowels, K-Grade one reading Passages, Grade 2-4 Reading passages, Cursive writing Practice Sheets, and Reading comprehension skills workbooks for more advanced learners of English. Also we include a stand alone PC CVC and Short Word Generator to practice those beginning skills of English.

I have bought the bundle now what do i do?

An email should be sent to you automatically with a link to download the bundle to your hard drive. We have zipped it as those images are pretty large and we want to save your download speed if we can.
Once you have it downloaded you need to unzip it. You will then see the files ready to open. All PDF so you can choose which and what you want to use at any time.
You will also see the PC game. Although this doesn’t need to be installed it does have to be run form the folder so if you want the link on desktop you will have to create a shortcut. We have full instructions in that folder as well.

I didn’t receive an email what can I do?

In the incredibly rare occurrence there was a glitch in the matrix! then you can email us on with any information you have and we will send it to you as soon as we are able. Time zone allowing!

I don’t need all of these resources, can i buy them separately

Although this is the best and cheapest way to buy them all, we recognize that your teaching and learning environment or children may not need all of these resources. We have them for sale individually in our store, and some free examples in our teaching resources section. Just follow the links here to access those.

CVC and Reading Skills Workbook

Long and Short Vowels Workbook

Blends and Digraph workbook

K-Grade 1/2 Reading Passages and Questions Workbook

Grade 2-4/5 Reading Passages and Questions Workbook

Reading Comprehension Skills Workbook

Cursive writing Workbook

Do you have vocabulary and grammar bundles as well?

Our vocabulary and grammar bundles are currently under constructions (it takes a while!) We think by End of April 2021 and we will be ready for launch. If you would like to sign up for notifications please use the forms on the site or email us on

What reading and grade levels are these suitable for?

We aim this bundle at grades 1-6 and kindergarten. However included are 25+ Reading comprehension workbook which could be used for more advanced English learners. We also note that

How much do I save by buying these together?

If you were to buy of all these separately, and people certainly do, they cost over 70 Dollars when they are on sale. We are offering these for 25.99, that is less that half price and actually works out as 7 cents a worksheet / game / activity!

I need another question answered what can I do?

Jsut drop us an email at and if we can help we will 🙂

If you have any further questions or queries, worries or concerns or are looking for some advice on how to use these then please reach out to use on