Phonics and ABC Quiz

Welcome to the Great Big English Quiz.

There are over 300 questions inside over 6 different games modes that will be regularly updated and added to. 

The English Quiz game modes are as follows

The Big English Quiz 

has over 100 questions that start from simple phonics and sounds and move up to tenses and syllables. How far can you go!

English Hot seat

Is the multi – player version of the English Quiz allows up to 8 ( 2-4 is the best) play the quiz. If you have one tablet or phone but want to play in class this is for you. it also starts with phonics and moves up in difficulty

True or False

Is it a verb, a noun or an adjective. This true or false game allows you to practice what you know.

Animal picture quiz

Just a fun zoomed in close up quiz to guess what the animals are and then read the simple sentences. 

Maths Quiz

To take a break from English and see if parents and teachers can get through this tough 60 question quiz!

Pick your subject

There are three unlocked to start, work your way through answering all the questions to unlock the next level. It starts with phonics, vowels and works up to tenses and syllables. 

Enjoy playing and i welcome all suggestions for questions, i can put them in the next update. 
Teaching Phonics in the home and the classroom is always a useful tool for students of English. It can be a challenge for children to recognize the difference between English Phonic sounds and some of the lesson programs can be a little repetitive. I notice a lot of people have resources for teaching the phonics sounds but not so many to teach how to construct words once they have learnt those sounds. 
The apps i am making are aimed at teachers and parents to follow the little and often method of teaching these skills and phonic sounds. 

The best way to do this is not to play and play and play but to dip in once or twice a week to practice and learn. This is why i have kept them simple.

Please enjoy this English Quiz Game!

I hope you and your students/children have fun learning with these and that you are all reading in no time!

Please check out my other apps and the ones that will be coming.

These can be played online in classrooms on

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