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22 Phonics games covering 8 English Phonics Subjects and Topics

English Play and Phonics Play is an important part of the learning process for children especially younger children. Taking difficult tasks and making them enjoyable, interactive and purposeful will gain quicker results than simple rote learning of a language. I hope by using phonics play these apps will go some way to helping you, your students or your children learn English is a fun and interactive way.

3 Alphabet / ABC Games– Helps students learn the difference between upper and lower case letters with a matching and hidden words game. Then play the sound matching / Phonic game to help them learn the sounds, not just the names, of the letters. This game helps by using phonics play for students to recognise letter sound relationships

3 CVC / Three letter word Games – Moving from ABC to blending sounds to make simple Consonant – Vowel – Consonant words. Here you can find a picture / Vocab matching phonics game, a sound quiz to recognize the sounds that make up these simple words and a hidden words phonics game to again help with expanding vocabulary. These games utilize phonics play to help students master simple CVC words in English.

Consonant Blends – Learning how to blend consonants in words like sleep and brown is a challenge for ESL and English students. The three games here will help them master this. A Vocabulary matching game, a sounds and phonics game and hidden words game. These games utilize phonics play to help students.

Wh/Ch/Sh/Th (diagraphs) Phonics games – three separate sounds and three games to help learn them. Matching words, hidden words and phonics sounds games 

Vowels Word and phonics game – The vowels are the trickiest wounds in English, different spellings for the same phonic sound. There is a matching game, a hidden words game and a sounds game to match the phonics. Rather than do one for each vowel i have mixed them here so would need some introduction first. These games utilize phonics play.

Magic E – 3 Matching, phonic sounds and hidden words games to help with this tricky English phonics rule. This is the last of the three game subjects and helps students get used to magic and silent E. 

Syllables – Two syllable games allowing students to move from single syllable words and learn how to blend longer words and get used to looking for syllables rather than whole words. We have inculded a quiz with syllable sounds and a syllable game for students.

Lucky Dip – here we have a sentence game of scrambled sentences and a lucky dip quiz that has past tense, adjectives, verbs, nouns and lots lots more.

Over 22 Phonic Games all for free in this app including Sound matching, hidden words, scrambled syllables and words, quizzes and picture and word matching.

Hidden behind the pictures is a little bonus game for students, parents and teachers to take a break from! The blue bird is the clue! 

There is also an ad free version of these phonics games with a little additional content in the quizzes and sound games, just in case school prefer to have phonics games with no ads. 

It will also be availible on the website if you would like to play in classrooms or on PC. 

I am a teacher of English and use phonic games when needed in my lessons, i wanted simple ones to save time and when i couldnt fine them i decided to try to make my own, i hope these are useful for your teaching of phonics as well. 

Please get in touch with suggestions, corrections or ideas!

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