Three Free regular Past Tense Worksheets

I actually enjoy teaching this subject, and run it as an ongoing quiz or activity through out the year, where students have to pick three past tense verbs from a bag and then so the following.

The word says washed

the ED Sound says ”t”

This is because the final sound of wash is ”sh’

If they could do that three times then they would win a cool eraser, a Toys R’US jumping bean or similar priced toy that a teacher can afford! It worked really really well! .

However , I digress, These worksheets are part of the lessons that I teach to 8 to 11 year old ESL students to help them learn and then master the tricky simple past tense pronunciation. Although, even with mistakes, this still means they would be understandable it is better if they can be given the rules on pronunciation so they can work it out for themselves. It also then allows them to teach their classmates and peers as well.

So these worksheets are aimed at being a learning experience and not just solely as a test for knowledge. They can be used as either stand alone activities or as a teacher / student led activity. I have used these in my classes and though i would make them a little more pretty for all of you 🙂

Included here are two simple past tense worksheets and a handout for students with the rules of the Ed Endings that can be printed and given to students. This gives them the material needed to complete ontheir own, and to help them take their own time to process the rules.

I am making other resources for this and other subjects but school has started back now ( post Covid, well kinda post CoVid) so it will slow down a little till the holidays.

Happy teaching

If you want the editable version it is here in the store 🙂

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