Phonics Hop and Pop

Making English Fun 

Slight Words, CVC Words
• Phonics Sounds and ABC sounds
• Magic E and Long and Short Vowels
• Blending sounds and Diagraphs
• 2 fun and quick games
• Cute Child friendly images
• Ideal for home or classrooms
• Learn to read and have fun
• Free and Ad free versions

you can play online ( on a computer!!) for you classrooms here as well just press the link.

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English Play and Phonics Play is an important part of the learning process for children especially younger children. Taking difficult tasks and making them enjoyable, interactive and purposeful will gain quicker results than simple rote learning of a language. I hope by using phonics games these apps will go some way to helping you, your students or your children learn English is a fun and interactive way.

Phonics Hop and Pop

Full English Learning in One App! , ABC, Phonics, Blends, Magic E and Sightwords

What is inside, 

ABC , CVC, Vowel, English Blends, Magic E, Syllables and sight words all wrapped up in one easy to use English Word and phonics game.

Birdy Hop Phonics Game

Players have to listen to the word and then jump to the correct cloud. They race against other birds, and can choose from nine different games all using different English, word, phonics and grammar skills to play! 

Panda Pop Phonics Game

Players have to listen to the word and then pop as many as they can before the time runs out. In this game there are also nine different English game levels covering different English skills.

ABC Games– Helps students learn the actual sounds of the alphabet, these phonic sounds are the basis of learning how to read, and learning these reading skills is important to be able to decode and construct words in English. This game helps by using phonics play for students to recognise letter sound relationships

Three letter word Games – Moving from ABC sounds to blending sounds to make simple three letter words, like Cat, Cut This helps learners of English practice reading skills in a fun English game and allows them to listen to these Phonics sounds and then read the English words to complete the game. These game utilize phonics play to help students master simple CVC words in English.

Consonant Blends game– Learning how to blend consonants in words like sleep and sheep is a challenge for ESL and English students. This game allows players to listen to blending words and find the correct word while playing an English Game. 
Wh/Ch/Sh/Th (digraphs) Phonics games – These games in both Birdy Hop and Panda Pop help students listen to diagraphs wh,ch,sh and find the English word in this fun to play game 

Vowels Word and phonics game – The vowels are the trickiest wounds in English, different spellings for the same phonic sound. This Phonics game uses these words to help students practice listening and reading skills 

Magic E game – Silent and magic E practice for students, they listen to the word and try to find it. It is mixed up with the CVC word that has the short vowel sound in as well, just to make this English Game more challenging

Syllables game– Two syllable games allowing students to move from single syllable words and learn how to blend longer words and get used to looking for syllables rather than whole words. 

Sight Words game – we have included two different levels of sight words to help students get used to seeing the most commonly used words in English! These really help with grammar, phonics and reading skills. if you would like to play in classrooms or on PC. 

I am a teacher of English and use phonics games when needed in my lessons, i wanted simple ones to save time and when i couldn’t find them i decided to try to make my own, i hope these are useful for your teaching of phonics as well.

Phonics games and English Learning apps are just one way for students to learn English, but i hope they go some way to helping you and your students!

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