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The Best Free Online Sentence Games

Sentences and sentence building are one of the most important skills in English. It is the move away from decoding words with phonics or the recognition of sounds and shows a move to actual communication. Some of the best ways to teach how to construct sentences are with games and activities. We highlight the best Free games to play online and in classrooms.

Sentence games successfully introduce both the initial concepts of sentence construction to young learners and extending that learning with more complex structures with older learners. Games like, Sentence Scramble, Sentence Bridge Builder and Trapped Sentences all help to cement sentence structures.

We also have articles on the best games for other English and Phonics subjects as well. These include:

We have researched some of the better sentence structure games out there for classrooms and homeschool to both introduce simple sentence construction and then to move on to practicing more complex sentences and punctuation.

Sentence Structure and Building Games

  • Making English Fun: Sentence Scramble
  • Making English Fun: Sentence Bridge Builder
  • Sentence Builder Proper Nouns
  • The Quest for the complete Sentence
  • BBC Bitesize: Small Town Heros
  • Roy The Zebra: Sentences that make sense
  • TopMarks: Trapped Sentences
  • Turtle Diary: Mad Sentences
  • Turtle Diary: Match the Phrase
  • Turtle Diary: Simple Sentences

Sentence Scramble Online GameMaking English Fun

Sentence Building online games

Yes we are going to be guilty of putting our two sentence games up here at the top, it is our site after all! However they are both actually pretty good for classroom use as well. This is actually our oldest game and has over 60000 Active downloads at the time of writing on the Apps stores so it does something right!

The sentence games are fairly simple, students have to press the words they want to swap and try to get the sentence in the correct order. We have three versions in this game, a picture version, a timed mode and a hint mode.

  • 3 versions of this scramble game
  • Starts with simple three word sentences and moves to six word sentences
  • Timed to add a little competition to the game.
  • Playable full screen on whiteboards and Computers

Sentence Bridge Builder – Making English Fun

This is one of our newer English learning games, hence the cute animals we put in it! This online sentence game is also free to play ( just click the link on the picture or below. It has two leveled games. The first missing word is the easier of the two and asks students to slide in the missing word to complete the sentence. We have made this so realistically there is one answer in each selection. The second ask students to rearrange the words to form the sentence. In both games it gets harder after 10 correct answers.

  • 2 Sentence construction games
  • Increases in difficultly as the game progresses
  • Free to play (forever)
  • Great for home computers and whiteboard / projectors in classrooms

Sentence Builder Proper

I had to put this game in for three main reasons.

  1. It is a free game ( we tried four times and it let us play without signing in!) which for is a big deal
  2. It starts with the words ”the night is long, and full of terrors” and introduces Floyd Snow who wants to build a wall!
  3. It is good to teach Pronoun capitalization in a sentence structure.

This English sentence building game, and there are couple of other online sentence building games on the site that are quite good as well This is a is simple game and only 5 questions long. However the Game of Thrones and Wall references ae at least funny for teachers, hopefully the age group it is aimed at have no idea what it is talking about!

The Quest for Complete Sentences –

This sentence game, called Floyd Ranger, is loosely based on Indiana Jones, and with their new games is really upping their game ( excuse the pun) It is a little more complex so would be suited to older classrooms and students as it asked students to recognize the difference between full and fragments of sentences and categorize them.

It also has a complete the sentence level inside the game as well, with four options to chose from.

  • It is very engaging and very well made sentence structure game
  • Covers more complex language and sentence structures
  • Is free ( on!)
  • Its game play is good for team games in classrooms.

Small Town Superheroes

The BBC have a tendency to make great English learning games, and this is no exception. It is actually a whole town of English learning games that lend themselves to both classroom and individual use. This game starts in a town so we will have to look for the sentences game ( its up the page and next to Ernie’s section ( you will see what I mean) However all other phonics and English games are really good here s well and you can get a good amount of lessons from this site.

The sentences game here is a rearrange the sentence game that put the character in a park and asks them to put the rules of the pack in the correct order.

  • Loads of other games on this site as well as sentences
  • Aimed at younger learners
  • Great graphics and story
  • Only 6 questions on this level

Sentences – Roy the Zebra

Roy the Zebra and his English games have been around for a good many years now. There games are pretty basic by todays standards but fulfil a need if you are in a classroom. This one is more focused on comprehension and error checking. it gives a choice of sentences to the students and they have to decide which one is the correct one to progress. A simple sentence game, and if this what you are looking for, effective as well.

  • Simple and effective
  • Looks at comprehension and attention to detail
  • Other games on the site as well
  • Quite a short game, not really much replay value.

Trapped Sentences – TopMarks

I really like this sentence game, it is very well made very engaging and very easy to play. It is on the Top Marks site but has Bite Size on it so I am not sure if it used to be a BBC game or not. It is beautifully illustrated especially the introductions. The game starts off with an animations explaining you have to answer the questions to get out of the tower.

This sentence game is split into two sections a spot the correct sentence game and a sentence building game. Definitely take the time to look at this one it is great in your classroom. It is easy to work out how to play and suites a home computer or a whiteboard.

  • Beautifully designed sentence game
  • 2 sentence games inside
  • A little short on questions
  • A sure hit in the classroom.

NOTE: the following three games from turtle Diary are all hosted on FLASH. This became obsolete in December 2020 so although it works now ( January 2020) it may or may not become unstable in the future.

Mad Sentences – Turtle Diary

Not so much of a sentence game as an potential exercise for class or home. It has five columns with 3 pictures and options in each. It is a little like Mad Libs so the result can be a little weird or funny. It could be used as a reading exercise and played with the class with each students choosing a tile and then having to read it once completed.

As a writing exercise you could then have them either write the sentences down or play it in pairs and write then down. It would also be possible to use this as a matching oral exercise and have students find the correct picture as other students say them.

Match the PhraseTurtle Diary

This is a sentence matching game. It also tests comprehension as they have to read the options and try to work out which ones are likely to go together. It is more suited to older or higher level students as it is not a simple exercise.

However it is useful and effective at introducing and practicing more complex longer sentences and can be used individually or in groups.

  • This is a Flash game so be aware it may have problems later on some browsers.
  • More suited for higher levels as sentences are quite complex
  • Can be used in class or at home
  • There are many more games on Turtle Diary as well (Flash though)

Simple Sentences – Turtle Diary

A great sentence game for younger learners that asks them to put the simple sentences in the correct order. it has a few levels so could be used at home or as a team game in the classroom. A good way to show how sentences are formed and constructed for beginners of English.

  • Sentences start simple
  • Nice and professional looking
  • Is on Flash so might be unstable in some browsers
  • Large enough to play at home as well.


Sentence games, and any other, are a useful tool in a classroom. They can motivate students and encourage participation in lessons. Although they shouldn’t be the sole method of instruction they will add to your teachers toolkit. We have researched a whole list of online games, and made some here in house as well. We have those listed both at the top and below if you need some ideas for CVC, Vowels, Digraphs and Syllables.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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