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The Best Free Online Adjective Games

Adjectives are a great English subject to teach to all levels of English learners. Although there are many ways to teach these using Online adjective games both in the classroom and the home is great to add an element of interactivity into the lesson. We teach these in Kindergarten and Grade 1 in both native and ESL / Second language classrooms all over the world.

One of the most effective ways of teaching in groups is to use some of the excellent practice and consolidation online adjective games that there are on the internet. The majority of these are free to play. They are available for both younger and older students.

Using multi pronged teaching methods helps to motivate and engage multiple learning styles. We have a selection of hard resources to print through this article as well. From physical games to worksheets and tasks. you can find these where ever you see a link.

However this is mainly concerning online adjective games so here are our top 8 online adjective games that we use on in our classrooms. These are all free and importantly not flash ( which has been discontinued.) Bookmark us if you often use online games in your classrooms as these will be added to on a regular basis.

If you are looking for Worksheets or activities for adjectives or anything English related we have hundreds for free and in the shop n the site. Just follow the links for details.

We also have articles and guides on the best games for other English and Phonics subjects as well. These include:

Online Adjective Games

The following onlineAdjective games are reviewed and linked to below. To access them you can click the title, the picture or the button to take you to the game and the hosting site! Hope they are useful and happy teaching!

All of these have been tested by teachers and are working. None are Flash (or if they are are, they are still working!)

  • Adjective Race 2 Versions: Turtle Diary
  • Fastest Adjective Game: MES English
  • Spider Adjectives – Shepard Software
  • Book Adjectives – Scootle.Edu
  • Baking Adjectives – ESL Games Plus
  • Grammar Gorillas – Fun Brain
  • Adjective Drag – Big Brown Bear
  • Adjective Quizzes – Learning Apps
  • Order of Adjectives: English Club

Adjective Race – Turtle Diary

This is a lovely well animated online adjective game which tests students listening, reading and grammar skills. There are actually two similar games on this site. Students have to race aroudn the track pressing the correct word to highlight the adjective.

In the first game its within a sentence and in the second game it is stand alone. We have linked to both online adjective games on the buttons below.

Both games work well and take about a minute to play through and it is timed so if you wanted to enter and element of competition in your classroom you have the option. It has a mix of adjectives so could be suitable for all levels of English.

It is not Flash so it works in browsers, though lots of games on that site are ( they are working on that – see the note below). Great for the middle and end of lessons as a little bit of constructive fun.


  • Lots of questions so the game has some meat to it
  • Allows an element of timed competition to the activity
  • Is well made and has two options – adjective in sentences and adjectives on their own.
  • Has good replay value so good for home and classrooms.

Note about Turtle Diary.

It is worth bookmarking this site. They have (had) loads of really good games hosted there. However the January 2021 Adobe Flash issue has made a lot unplayable. They are working through them but understandably it will take some time. The two i have linked to above both work and are examples of what they can do when they get round to update their games.

Hopefully, for teachers everywhere, they can do this fairly quickly. You can see there were over 15 adjective games just on this one site!, so its worth checking back to see how they are getting on.

Fastest Adjective Game: MES English

I love the idea of this online adjectives game. It is an online version of snap the card game ( well kind of) It takes a little time to get the hang of but is both simple and quite a cool idea.

Students have to press the hand and listen to the description, and then drag the green hand to the correct picture before the red hand can get there. It is actually a little tricky!

It is a listening game and you have to reasonably quick so if you have a large and noisy classroom then it might not be that easy to run effectively, but with smaller groups, or quieter groups at least it will be a lot of fun.


  • Nice idea for gameplay adding the element of speed
  • Adjectives are mainly of appearance
  • Listening only, not reading or writing in the game (visual and aural learners)
  • MES have similar games across multiple subjects on their site.
  • There is also a selection of other browser games covering adjectives on the site.

Spider Adjectives – Shepard Software

Adjective online game

I was really pleased to find this a year or so ago. It is a really really simple ”find the adjective game” but adding in spiders just keep the class engaged! It works perfectly in our classrooms!

Students have to feed the spider that displays the adjective, there will only be one on each round, and the game lasts about 15 or 16 questions long. A great online adjective game for school and home. Not everything has to be all bells and whistles and we really like the simplicity of this one.


  • Super Simple and super quick to load (school internet is never the fastest)
  • Long enough for a good 10-15 minute activity
  • Free to play, no paywall or similar.
  • Has the gross out factor that will appeal to younger students!

Book Adjectives – Scootle.Edu

Online Adjective games

This is an awesome idea. This shows how to use both nouns and adjectives in context and allows students to add more in depth meaning to texts by changing nouns and adjectives in a pre written story. The story is about a girl encountering a sea monster.

Students, as you can see from the picture above, have to choose from a list of more suitable nouns and adjectives to make the story more scary and detailed. They also as a final task have to choose a more suitable image that illustrates the words.

It is great to see an activity that has more depth than most online English games. This site and activity can be used as a basis for loads of different lessons. There is also the option of printing the book and giving it to the students or maybe keeping it in the classroom as a reading resource.

The also have a great sentence scramble with aminated adjectives as well that’s well worth checking out.

  • Very well made Online adjective resource
  • Covers nouns and adjectives to help learn the difference
  • Students get to practice adjectives in context
  • Can be used as a full lesson resources and plenty of opportunity for follow up activities

Baking Adjectives – ESL Games Plus

Online adjective games

ESL Games as some great games on vocabulary and grammar on their site. This online adjective game covers an English subject the others games on here do not.

This game asks students to spell the adjective after reading the sentence. It does give clues on some of the larger word so it can still be used with beginner English students.

So this will also test their sentence comprehension as well as their knowledge of adjectives. Making it a more balanced game, however the game play is a little slow so you will need more than 5 minutes to lay through this game to the end.


  • A video game hosted on YouTube
  • Good for encouraging writing as well as verbal answers
  • Can play as a whole class and even make it the main part of a lesson.
  • Only really good to use one time

Grammar Gorillas – Fun Brain

online adjective games

This is not so much an online adjective game as a full grammar term game. It asks students to recognize adverbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, verbs and more in a series of sentences. There is an easier of the two versions that asks just noun and verb questions, but the main one covers all words classes in English.

This makes it more suitable for intermediate or advanced English learners, at least the second version of the game. It is quite basic and straightforward to use, and although not a solely adjective activity it is useful to test if your children and students are learning the difference between grammar terms and if they can recognize them in sentences.

  • Simple and effective
  • Covers all word types in English including Adjectives
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Good for a quick check of understanding

Adjective Drag – Big Brown Bear

Online adjective activity

A Quick and Easy consolidation exercise. It covers nouns, verbs and adjectives. It also levels up the words by grade level so it can be used across classes.

It would be a useful few minutes at the end of the lessons or as a quick text for students. There is not much gameplay other than a drag and drop exercise but its does the job and will be useful as a double check for understanding.

  • Super quick and super simple
  • not much replay value
  • Easy for younger learners to grasp

Adjective Quizzes – Learning Apps

We finish this list with a nice and simple quiz, well 20 of them actually! They all follow a simialr pattern.

Students must read the sentence and then tick the word that is an adjective. Nothing more to it than that. It works, its easy to teach and its free. Not a lot more we can ask for!


  • 20 different Adjective quizzes mean lots of questions for large classes.
  • Easy to teach and use
  • Loads of similar type games on the site to access.

Order of Adjectives: English Club

order of adjectives online game

One of the few games we have seen that aims to teach the order of adjectives! Students have to arrange the sentences in the correct order, this is definitely aimed at more advanced students and is more complex.

We have a full teachers note section on the order of adjectives here which will help both your students and you, if you need a little reminder. We also have adjective resources here to download

Final Thoughts

Adjectives in all their forms are a very common site throughout the English language. They are a great addition to even a beginning learners of English vocabulary as they encourage meaning and purpose in sentences. We have included a couple of games more suited to older learners, though we usually find that they are also perfectly happy to jump in on the games for younger learners as well.

Of course there are many ways to teach adjectives, we have worksheets, games and more on the site which are linked to here and above. However a great way to introduce and consolidate adjectives for students is to use online adjectives games in both classrooms and homes.

The more diverse and alternative approaches you can take with education, especially in todays technological world, the more chances you have for both maintaining students interest and for making sure the information sticks! Online games are certainly one way to help achieve that aim

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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