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12 of the Best Free Online Long Vowel Phonics Games.

These online long vowel games and activities have been tried and tested by teachers and are free to use on whiteboards, computers and mobiles. Long vowel games are a great way to practice and consolidate phonics sounds for young learners.

Some of the best long vowel sound games include Magic E Spelling, Phonics hop, Vowel Shoot, Vowel Balloons, and Vowel Word Maker. Long vowel sounds can be a difficult skill for learners of English. There are varied spelling and pronunciation rules to be practiced learnt and consolidated.

We have split these into short and long vowel games in other articles. the short vowel games have here. (opens in a new tab) as there are more long vowel games available. Most of these are free to use, some have free samples that may suit for a short activity in class. We have included examples of our games where they are suitable. We make sure these are always free to play online. It can be really annoying as a teacher when trying to play a game in class and a sign up pop up appears or it asks you to register. We avoid those and always will do.

We also have articles on the best games for other English and Phonics subjects as well. These include:

Long Vowel Online Games

We have researched and sought out the more effective Long Vowel Online games for both teachers and parents to sue to help their children and students practice and learn these sounds. They are most certainly the trickiest of English sounds so we have included a broad selection here. Although they differ in how they look and how polished they all are, we have made sure both that they work and that they are effective. One world of warning, FLASH ( the platform some of these games run on) will not be supported after December 2020. This doesn’t mean it will stop working over night but it does mean some of these may experience glitches or problems. We will mention in the text for each game if they are Flash or not.

We strongly recommend using varied approaches in teaching English, especially Long Vowel sounds, for multiple reasons. It appeals to different learning styles, it offers different ways to consolidate skills and knowledge and it brings some more fun into the classroom.

Turtle Diary – Spell and Shoot Long Vowel Sounds.


This game is a nice looking long vowel game that is split into two games. The first ask students to recognize the spelling of long vowels inside words and to pick from six choices. It them reads the word to confirm. The second game, actually a little difficult, is a version of space invaders, long vowel words fall from the top and then the student has to shoot the correct spelling on the spaceship. It goes a little fast but works well. You can play by clicking the picture.

Phonics Hop and Pop

This is one of our games and includes 2 vowel games. If you have seen other pages on my site you may have come across this game. It is free to play online, on apple and and on Android though we link to the Apple and Online versions here. You can choose from 9 different phonics subjects and one of these in each game are vowels. One game has you listening then pressing the correct long or short vowel words and the other game has you having to read the word and then pressing matching words as they fly across the screen, these games are called Word Hop and Panda Pop. They are designed to practice both reading and listening skills. The CVC game is also useful to practice short vowel sounds as well.

Do you need cool worksheets as well?

Spell Zone – 4 Different Games

Spell Zone is a register site, however they have a good selection of press and play games, for multiple subjects. It has a focus on spelling of course, but in the games above they have long vowel spelling in particular. They are not that easy words, but if a teacher or parent is running this then they can help and say the words first. Then they can try to deconstruct the word and practice spelling skills. There are four games in the link here including a word search and a timed game. At the moment they have a Christmas theme.

Room Recess Pop The Vowel Balloon Game

This game from Room Recess allows you to choose a Short, long or both Vowel sound games. It is easy quick and works well. It simply asks students to pop the balloon with the correct vowel sound. All the vowel games are great to show the different spelling of vowel sounds and to reinforce how they are pronounced. Play by clicking the picture or the button. You can also choose to play with a touchscreen or a mouse. : Long Vowel Hop

Well, We managed to find a online long vowel game on that you can play for longer than just one try. This game is similar to our word hop and pop game above. The student has to listen to the long vowel word and jump to the correct picture. They have also written the word underneath the picture so that reading skills can be used as well. It is quite a short game, which for classroom use is a good idea, there are only five words in each game.

Long Vowel Word Maker.

This game is from the Welsh education department, its not that pretty but it works. Especially for the more difficult diphthong long vowel sounds. you have to look at the picture and then choose the correct vowel spelling. Once you have you press next and it choses another word for you. It is a little slow, so may be better suited to a teaching aid than a classroom game. Which is actually its design.

Soft Schools – Magic E Spelling game

We have a separate article on Magic E games, but we put this one here in case you need and to remind you of the nine more we have on this page. Students just have to chose the correct vowel to complete the word. If you need to help them you can say the word and students can listen for the vowel sound. (this is how we use it)

Word Wall – Long and Short Vowel Games

This is a whole page of long and short vowel games summited by users (and teachers) They are simple games that include word recognitions and long and short vowel sorting exercises. They area great for classrooms and they are not padded out with music or animations. All the games are fairly similar, and you if you can’t find something that suits maybe you could make your own on this site!

Soft Schools Long and Vowel Sort

Another game from Soft skills, this is a good one ( although it is in FLASH) as it reads and mentioned the words as well as show the pictures. You have to put the words in the correct long and short vowel table. There are few similar ones on the site.

Diphthong Online Matching Game

This is a simple matching online vowel game. Although simple if you run it in a classroom you can have your students read out the words as they are revealed. This makes it a good phonics exercise. There are no sounds in this gme so you will have to help them along as needed.

Teach your Monster to Read

Yeah, we are highlighting this game again. Especially the minigames which enable parents and teachers to chose the sounds they wish to teach and practice and then choose the game that the student want to play. The full game is free on PC and about 6 dollars on the two Mobile app stores. We have linked to the minigames here for teachers just google teach your monster to read to find the apps.


Starfall has a large collection of readers covering a range of phonics sounds. Among these they have long vowel interactive readers and games that cover silent E and diphthongs. You can use both the readers and the games as part of lessons really easily.

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