What is Publc Search Engine – How To catagorize Posts

As content creators, websites and bloggers we are always looking for ways to present our articles and contents to people. Publc is a new search engine that aims to offer an alternative Google, Yahoo, Bing categorizing information online and puts it in the hands of the users instead. It also rewards them for doing so with tokens on the site. For publishers it offers another medium to display their content. We wrote a while ago an article on AdSense alternatives, this is one we could add to that article.

It is a new start up so early adopters should be pleased to be able to jump on and be among the first to participate, and it could also be quite lucrative. However if you want to make the most of this new platform you are going to have to make sure you learn how to categorize your posts as effectively as possible.

Categorizing posts on Publc requires careful navigation of the five options: Image choice, Categories, Topics, Sub Topics and Search Queries. Optimization of these options ensures that the search engine can accurately classify posts and present the most relevant information to users.

If you just want to know how to categorize your posts click here to jump to the guide.

What is Publc Web 3.0 Search Engine

The concept behind Publc is to offer alternatives to the traditional search engine model. Instead of publishers releasing content and hoping it fits current SEO models, now there is a way to format your own SEO priorities and to be rewarded in a way that negates the use of advertisements.

On Publc the content is categorized by users and the publishers of the content. Without a model of advertisements, as of yet, so it creates a level playing field. It hopes to allow content creators the chance to write without having to write for a google search engine but to actually write for people, no more keyword stuffing orSEO optimization it can now be categorized by the users and the creators who know their material the best.

It presents this information in the form of a feed for each individual user. So you can tailor the internet to suit your interests not what the search engine thinks you may be interested in.

You can check out an example page here.

There’s no need to play SEO games anymore; you can simply categorize your content by tagging it to its related topics and search terms that describe it the best.


Users Earn Publc while they browse

For both users and content creators is offers an entirely different model of browsing, instead of being a passive recipient of the information you put in you can now interact and engage with the search engine. users can categorize the content as they see fit. Adding topics and search terms that may be useful to others, and ones the original creator may have missed. For this there are rewards in the form of publc coin. ( and Ethereum token)

Publishers earn Publc for their content

FOr bloggers and websites by uploading content and having users engage with it will earn Publc tokens as well. each click generates a set amount that is divided between users, Publishers and the Publc team. How much this is ( and will be) worth in the future is an unknown but there are people making money for people reading their content and instead of spending money on advertising they are being ‘‘paid” for eyes they bring to the system.

Every time a user clicks and reads your content you are rewarded for it. Why? Because you should. Simple as that. 


How sustainable this is remains to be seen but as a start up it is a sea change in how publishers and users are rewarded. If successful it aims to put pressure on the traditional revenue models of advertising and affiliates

It can be accessed by referral links allow content to be shared and introducing people to the platform. You can copy your links and send them in newsletters, Facebook, Instagram etc to encourage people to view your content and engage with you on a new platform.

This links look like this, feel free to try it – it goes to my link as an example of course.

How to click through to Publc to earn tokens

  • Click the picture or link
  • It takes you to a Publc page and says do you want to reward Making English Fun. ( if you are not signed in)
  • You chose yes or no and then it takes you to that page.
  • All of this happens for referrals, if you are browsing the Publc site it is not needed.
  • However referral links do bring in traffic and i average about 40 a day.

How to Categorize Posts on Publc Search Engine.

To make sure you are using the platform effectively it is important to categorize your content correctly. There are guides for this on Publc, but as you are here we have our own photo guide below.

We have a few posts already caterorized

here is one as normal and here is one if you go through publc (if you use referral links that is)

After you have signed up either as a user or a Publisher you will need to load content on to Publc First if you intend n categorizing you own posts this will involve putting a header into your site to prove ownership. Once done you can upload content, or wait till Publc trawls your website for information.

Step 1: Chose an article to categorize from the uncategorized menu, chose the edit symbol to edit it.

Step 2: Select the best image you have for the post. the one that tells all users what the post is about.

Step 3: Chose the categories your post fits into, for me its really only Language and Parenting, but you have options to expand that in the next steps.

Step 4: Now you can ”niche down” and even add your own topics ( capitalize them!) add as many as you think are relevant here, and in the next step you can even add sub topics.

Step 5: Add subtopics, there will be suggestions for your post at this stage, but if you don’t see any you can add your own sub topics as well.

Step 6: Write in some search queries. Our suggestions is to cover broad and narrow ones here. You may find your self with little competition at the moment but the long the site is running the more that will change. I don’t expect my articles to be at the top of the teaching English page for ever, so i will add categories as I need to. You can look at the optimization tabs for this as well.

Step 7: Press the blue tick to send it off to the categorization queue. It usually takes a day or two to be approved and then you can start to share.

That’s it, that’s how to categorize your content on Publc. Now yo can share it, or wait for people to find it and watch the tokens role in.

Top tips For using the Publc Search Engine.

  • There is a plus sign at the top of the site on the right. We suggest adding 5/10 pieces of content to categorize so you can get used to the process and not wait for the search engine to find your content.
  • It takes a day for the tokens to go into you account
  • watch the tutorial video’s on the site more than once! there is a learning curve but its all pretty straight forward
  • The better you categorize the better you will do, the more you will earn.
  • Choose good images, this is important now and will be very important in the future we predict.
  • You can only withdraw your tokens once a month, and keep an eye on the price in the top right as well.

Good luck with it!!!

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