Sentence Scramble Online

How to Play Sentence Scramble: simple press the two words you want to change places to make the correct sentence! You are against the clock so try to be quick

  • 3 English Sentence games
  • Easy to use, easy to read and easy to learn!
  • used in schools all over the world
  • made by teachers for teachers
  • Useful for all ages
  • Sentence Scramble is free and always will be.

90% of our resources are free, but we do have bundles that include the most popular in the shop above. These are of course priced reasonably as they are made for teachers by teachers.

We have links below the game to our sentence scramble worksheets which you can download and use for free.

Sentence Scramble games have been used for years to help students learn sentence construction and order of words. We do have sentence scramble worksheets to go along with our two sentence scramble games (we have two on the site) these worksheets can be accessed by clicking the link below.