Adjective ”UNO” type Card Game for Classrooms. Great for ESL, Kindergarten and Primary Students. Editable

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This is the fully editable version so you are able to change it to suit your class and students. 

I made some of the picture descriptions easy so some of the text in the pictures is also editable, if you want me to send through the others just drop me an email as well 😛

This is a  great little game for ESL, Kindergarten and Primary students. It follows a simplified version of the popular card game UNO, and so students are likely to be familiar with the rules and game-play. I will put the rules below just in case as well.

It can be used as Uno cards, or as matching cards but you will need to go through and collect the opposites together, or look for the opposites set i will be putting on the store in a few days.

This is the adjective version of the game, and there are 48  different words and pictures. There are multiple opposites and synonyms as well if you wanted to introduce those ideas to your class These can be used as simple flashcards, but i have also put a simple sentence on the front as well asking them to find a synonym as well. You can change this anyway you want. 

I have also included a design for the back if you want them to look a little more professional again you can change this if you want to!

By purchasing this you help us make more so we would like to thank you 🙂


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