Ladybug CVC, Short Vowel and Phonics 5 Game Bundle – Free Version


This is the non editable version soif you need to change the words to suit your lessons, classrooms and students consider the fully editable version, it goes to help support the website as well. 

Not every lesson needs a teacher at the front all the time. If you want to try a little self directed learning then this is a simple but fun and colourful set of board games that helps students sound out and blend CVC and onset and rhyme words and sounds. Easy to print and fully editable so you can change it anyway you like. Just credit and link me if you link it in your website and lead people here 🙂 This game as all the short vowel CVC words in it. SO its great for consolidation and pair work as well.

Can be used as station learning or even whole class activities, and i will be uploading more versions to help with a differentiated learning environment as well.



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