Sentence Bridge Builder

Sentence building games from Making English Fun.

This is a fun and educational sentence building game designed for those who need practice on sentence construction in English. It is designed for all ages.

There are two games of 4 levels inside the application that increase in difficultly. The first is a missing word game, that simply requires you to slide the correct word into the right place to build the bridge and let your animal cross it.

The second is the more challenging game, you have to put all the word in the sentence in the correct order. If you make a mistake you restart the level!

Both the games start with simple three word sentences and move up to four, five and eventually six words ( though they are a squeeze to get on the screen!!!!) So they become more challenging as you progress.

If you get one wrong it resets the level, but not the whole game.

This is also on Android as a app if you want to use it individually in class.