CVC and Nonsense Word Maker Online

This CVC maker can be used to teach both CVC and Nonsense words. It will generate nonsense words buy pressing the green button, students then just have to try to decode these nonsense words. It is free to play and will keep going until you stop.

Nonsense words can be a great way to assess students phonics abilities, and with this you can offer points if they can spot a real word when they are generated as well. Although nonsense words should not be overused you can try them to check how your students are developing their phonics and decoding skills.

Simply press the green button to get started! it will spin the letters and make either a nonsense or a CVC word. Students have to decode it and read it out. You can play this as a game in the classroom or at home. So you can use this as a nonsense word maker or generator or a CVC word generator.

We have made it so that only words that can be decoded are generated, both Nonsense and CVC words.

As well as this nonsense word generator we also have an article on nonsense words and how useful (or not) they are in English classrooms here. With some resources included and linked to. There are also other online games we have on the site that you can play for free. these cover both phonics and grammar and can be found here.

If you want the link to the app for mobiles it is here just on android at the moment but will be on Apple in the next month or two! Totally free for you 🙂

All you do is press the green button and let your students try to put the phonetic sounds together to make the CVC word. I have made it so it SHOULD just be CVC words, and no long vowel sounds should appear. ( soft C sometimes does but i couldn’t stop that!)