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140+ Short Vowel A-E-I-O-U, Phonics/CVC Worksheets Bundle-Fully Editable Version.

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Fully Editable 140 worksheets covering all Short Vowels and CVC segmenting skills

Over 140 ready made worksheets that teach and practice recognition of Phonics sounds focusing on short vowels and how it segments into cvc (and some ccvc/cvcc) words.Great for use in schools, homes and learning centres.

includes the following activities

  • Crosswords and wordsearch with pictorial help
  • join the words mazes
  • cut and paste
  • draw and write
  • match and draw
  • make a sentence
  • collect and collate words from sentences
  • colouring activities
  • Scrambled word activities

It is designed for all students learning English, Esl students / supported learning and younger students especially! Great as part of a phonics or phonics games lesson or programme!

it certainly helps common core reading standards and national curriculum standards also.


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