Best fREE online parts of speech games
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The Best Free Online Parts of Speech Games

Parts of Speech are one of the corner stones of the English language. Despite the Name ”Parts of Speech” they are actually important to all aspects of English Communication, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. A great way to teach these in to use online parts of speech games.

These are taught through out every grade, with each level building on the knowledge from the previous levels.

Below we have a list of, the better, FREE Parts of speech online games that we have found, researched and use in our classrooms and lessons. I hope they are as useful to you as they have been to us!

Parts of Speech encompass many facets of English and English grammar, including adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, verbs and more. Online parts of speech games help form a good understanding of these grammar rules and sentence structures and are essential for students of English to develop their skills.

We also have a parts of speech infographic to use and share if it is helpful to you, just remember to give us a credit if you do!

Parts of Speech INFOGRAPHIC

We have a collection of English online games that we use in our classrooms use, some of ours, some of other sites and all will help you teach English. You can reference the table below for other subjects. These are some of our most popular pages. Below this table you will find out choice for the best Free online parts of speech games.

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    The Best Free Online Parts of Speech Games

    Below we have 10 of the best online parts of speech games that we have used and will continue to use in our classrooms . They are mixed to be super exciting and a little slower paced so you should be able to find something useful for teaching parts of speech to your students and children.

    1. Parts of Speech Asteroids


    abcya parts of speech


    • 6 parts of speech to practice
    • Very well made and useful
    • Good for whole class or individual players
    • Allows teachers to focus on all or sperate parts of speech.

    I have always used AbcYa kitten hop for sight words game in my classrooms, and left it there. However in the last year or so they have upped their game for so many subjects in English that they are fast becoming my go to site for English games both on tablet and on the white board in class.

    This game is simply excellent. It allows the teacher to choose which part of speech to focus on, and has the elements of a space invaders game that is a sure fire (ha!) hit with the students and children.

    You can choose a mix of parts of speech topics from nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. You can have as many of these as you want but there is a minimum of 2 topics each game.

    Students have to read the parts of speech term under the space ship and shoot the correct word. It is great for whole class games, and for individual practice.

    2. Parts of Speech Selection

    education parts of speech


    • Loads of choice
    • Covers part of speech individually
    • Some will be behind a pay wall 🙁
    • Designed to be both fun and educational. make great games, and have thousands of resources, which come at a price. However there are plenty you can play for a while, or access for a while for free. If you are using different classrooms (as an ESL teacher for example) then it could work well for you.

    Instead of picking one game here we have linked to the HUGE choice of games they have on parts of speech. Unlike the AbcYa game above they separate their games into topics, so their games cover all the parts of speech like adverbs, adjective, nouns individually.

    This means you can focus on one topic at a time to make sure your students understand each topic before moving on to the next.

    3. Grammar Gorillas


    grammar gorillas parts of speech


    • Free and Easy to play
    • Allows you to choose difficultly level
    • Not to ”gamified” so allows focus on the English skills
    • Included parts of speech in sentences for more realistic approach.

    Fun brain do nice simple games that are useful for a warmer or a cooldown in classrooms. They are text based so are not to exciting for students (needed sometimes if you have a lively class) They also have the choice, like AbcYa to choose if you want to focus on limited parts of speech or if you want to have questions on all of them.

    Free to play and easy to use we use this one in smaller reading groups as part of reading lessons.

    4. Sortify Parts of Speech


    brain pop parts of speech


    • You can choose which aspects you want to cover
    • Nice and simple drag and drop
    • Ability to progress to more complex tasks.
    • Free to play and covers most parts of speech.

    This game is for a little more advanced learners as it allows them to change the form of parts of speech, an adjective into an adverb for example. However to start you also have the option of using the simpler parts of speech terms by allowing students to drag the correct words into the correct buckets.

    The more complex aspects ask for sentence completion and changing form of the words. This is clearly more challenging. However it is nice to have the option to challenge some of the high flyers in your classroom.

    Either way it is a bonus to have online games for more advanced learners as there are very few of those around!

    5. Parts of Speech Hopper

    Turtle Diary

    turtle diary parts of speech


    • Simple to play with one click action
    • Good for classrooms and single players
    • Covers the main parts of speech topics
    • Not to intensive so easier to control groups

    A nice steady and not to intense hopper game. We have these as well for phonics ( see here for those) Students simply look at the word and then categorize it as which ever floating log is the correct one. Then they press it to jump to it and wait for the next one.

    Its super simple, easy to play and you can play individually or as a class. and see how many words they get correct.

    6. Word Shark

    Room Recess

    room recess word shark


    • Looks great
    • Similar to hungry shark which ALOT of students will know
    • Covers multiple parts of speech
    • Little more difficult to control as needs keys to control.
    • Teachers can choose from verbs, nouns and adjectives

    In this online parts of speech game from Room Recess, students take the role of a grammar shark.

    This shark has to swim and eat the correct part of speech. If they get four in a row they can choose a new shark / Fish to play with. the game keeps score in the top right of the screen.

    7. Parts of Speech Games- Selection

    Learning Games for Kids

    Online parts of Speech games


    • These are less resource intense so good for schools with slow internet.
    • cover the parts of speech in individual games
    • Aimed at Elementary levels
    • 5 games to chose from

    There are five online parts of speech games games to choose from here. All are fairly straight forward and cover a selection of parts of speech topics.

    8. Turtle Diary – Word Maze

    turtle diary parts of speech


    • Covers Pronouns, adjectives, nouns and more
    • Slow enough to allow teachable moments
    • Looks like a scorpion Pacman!
    • Covers all parts of speech in one game to allow for revision exercises.

    This parts of speech game will require a keyboard to play so not just an interactive whiteboard. The scorpion has to try to eat the correct beetle. This is decided by the color code at the top of the page. It is a pretty slow game so is good to use when teaching rather as a speed or intense game.

    Turtle diary has a great selection of online games to help teach English and it is worth spending a little time bookmarking some to use in class for other English subjects as well. They are free to play and are updating their games on a regular basis.

    9. Parts of Speech Zelda



    • Loads of version of this game
    • covers all parts of speech
    • Excellent to be played individually first, but in classrooms s well.
    • Feels like a proper game.

    Another great online parts of speech game from AbcYa. This is a throwback to the old legend of Zelda games. the player or students chooses a character and then has to navigate a maze or castle.

    In the castle they have to answer the questions or do the mini parts of speech games and progress from room to room. In the last room they have to label each part of the sentence with the correct part of speech term.

    This game would be great to send home as homework as it is perfect for individual players to play, and it is a good enough game that happens to have parts of speech aspects that you know they will play it again and again.

    10. Room Recess – Fools gold

    room recess fools gold parts of speech


    • Allows teacher to choose which parts of speech they would like to work on.
    • It also includes other grammar terms as well.
    • Can be used on tablets and on computers
    • Fast paced and can be played solo or as a class.

    Room Recess have another great, simple and effective parts of speech game here as well. The players have to grab the correct gold (word) and place it at the bottom. They more they get correct the faster it will go.

    This game is perfect for classrooms as it caters for both beginner and advanced students by allowing you to chose which parts of speech term you want to use and the speeding up means it adds the element of competition or pressure.


    There are hundreds of great Free Online part of speech games out there. These are the ones we have used and continue to use on a regular basis in our classrooms. There are also paid options, but as we think teachers shouldn’t have to pay to go to work! we have highlighted the free parts of speech game options only,

    Not many jobs ask people to pay for the privilege, and we think that teachers give enough without their money as well!!

    Of course we know we all buy treats, stock pencils etc but if these free online parts of speech games give your students a great learning experience, save you a little time and money we feel we have done a good job 🙂

    I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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