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3 Free Online Christmas Games for Kindergarten and young Learners

3 Christmas games to play at home or in the classroom. We have a Christmas Rhyme, a Christmas Vocabulary matching game and a ”just for fun” Find the Christmas Hidden object game. These games are 100% Free to play and work great with our collection of Christmas Worksheets, Activities and Games.

These three Free Online Christmas games are designed to add a little Christmas spirit and fun into classrooms and home before and during the holidays. They are all contained in one game and we have the simple how to play instructions below. They are nice and simple games but please read the notes before you play.


  • It is better to make the game full screen. In the bottom left there is a Full Screen button. TO come out of Full screen just press escape.
  • The game is at the bottom of the page and you can play on this page.
  • It is made for use of a PC or whiteboard so it may….or may not work on a mobile display.
  • We also have Christmas printables which we highlight below if you need full lessons and this game.

We originally called this game Christmas Tree- o as it was three games, and nobody got the joke!

Christmas Pictures

This game is on a timer, the aim is to match the Christmas words with as many pictures as you can before the timer runs down. It gets more difficult with each page as more words and pictures are added. It is possible to do them all but you have to have fast fingers or a fast mouse! The words and pictures are all Christmas themed.

Christmas Rhyme Time

We have taken the pictures out of this this game, and now you or your students must try to match all the words that Rhyme. There is one on each side of the screen. To make it extra tricky the words rhyme the sounds, but the spelling may be different. EG: Fire and Choir. So even at Christmas we are going to make you think a little bit!! This Christmas online game is also run by a timer, and although its more difficult to finish if you are really fast you can get to the end before the time runs out.

Christmas Hidden Pictures

Our final game is a just for fun hidden pictures online Christmas game. It starts off as a Where’s Wally type game where you have to find the picture on the screen. The picture and number of it you are looking for are at the top of the screen. It will get more difficult with more and more and MORE pictures as you go. This Christmas online game will never end, the aim is to get as big a score as you can. Maybe there can be a little gift from your teacher or Santa for the best score at the end of the day or the end of the lesson.

Christmas Worksheets, Activities and Games.

Christmas Online games are great but there are times when breaking out those coloring pencils and getting down to some good old coloring and puzzles are just what our students need. SO we have put together a huge selection of Christmas Printables on the site if you need. We have LOADS for free and a 40 page bumper pack with coloring, spot the differences and more if you want to help out.

We will list them all below. Then you can jump into the game 🙂

Christmas Worksheets: 14 Christmas themed worksheets for free Download

Christmas Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions: 7 Reading passages with pictures all Christmas related and comprehension questions

Christmas Spot the difference: Lovely Christmas Spot the difference Activities

Christmas Word Search: A coloring Christmas wordsearch.

Christmas Crossword 2 Christmas Vocabulary Crosswords

Christmas Dominoes Craft and Reading activities: Our Most popular activity. A cut, read and stick Christmas Dominoes craft activity.

We also have a reading and craft activity with farm animals here. .

We also have a reading and craft activity with farm animals here. .

Christmas Match And Rhyme

NOTE: If it doesn’t fit on your screen we also have it playable here as well where it will 🙂

Other sites:

Just as a top tip if you are a parent with a super excited child on Christmas Eve.

There are a few websites that track Santa’s trip around the world on the 24th of December. These sites are seriously legit ones. Norad and Google all make sure we know where St Nicolas is at any minute of the day. They also have games and activities for children to play and do before the big day. Check them out with the links above.

Hope you and your students enjoy the games and the activities and wishing you all a merry Christmas. If you want to make our Christmas a little merry as well feel free to browse our shop and see if anything is useful to you 🙂

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