Best Free Online Sight Word Games
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Best Free Online Sight Word Games

Sight words, Dolph Words and High-frequency words are some of the most common words that children and students will encounter in their reading materials. Although Flashcards, songs and games all help, are a sure fire way to grab attention in classrooms and homes in to use some of the excellent and free online sight word games that are available.

We have put together a lot for resources and links to help you fine all manner of English games online and have put the information in the table below. Feel free to bookmark this as the games are perfect for diversifying your english teaching and adding some technology to your lessons.

if you are looking solely for the free online sight word games they follow this table.

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    The Best FREE Online Sight Word Games

    Below we have some of the better ( and working after the flash update) Free Online Sight word Games. These are free to play but we have also included some of the pay websites ( for example) as it is possible to trial and play them.

    However even if that changes the majority of these sight word games are free to play and excellent to use in homes and classrooms! They are also suitable for all ages, and we also have kindergarten sight word worksheets on the site.

    1. Kitten Hop Sight Word Game


    Kitten Hop Sight word game

    This was the first Online sight word Game i ever used. So it hold a special place in my lessons. Not just because of that but because it is an Awesome online sight word game. Its competitive, effective and fun and students really enjoy playing it.

    You have the option of playing against other players around the world, however for an ESL classroom i wouldn’t do this so early on. The computer players take around 60 seconds to finish the game, a native english speaker about 20 seconds. So to keep them keen keep it to the computer players.

    You simply have to listen to the word and jump to the correct ball of wool. First one there wins!


    • Can play with players from around the world
    • Good loud sounds so can hear the words spoken
    • Element of competition so can be exciting to play for students
    • Can be played as a class with limited instruction.

    2. Sight Word Bingo


    sight word bingo abcya

    An AbcYa Sight Word Online bingo game with great customization and leveling options. This game allows you to choose from the following grade levels

    • pre primary
    • primary
    • Kindergarten
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 3
    • Nouns

    This gives teachers the option to choose grade specific sight words to make sure that the children are following and not to out of their depth. this is an awesome feature and the ability to tailor an online sight word games to an individual class is a great addition.


    • Grade specific Sight Word Lists
    • Lovely presentation makes it a very popular hit in classrooms
    • Is short enough to play as a sight word warmer or consolidation activity in classrooms
    • Loads more on their site

    3. Word Hop and Pop Sight Words


    word and pop sight words

    Well we have to put one of our online sight word games on this list! THis one is our most popular game and although it has a focus on Phonics we have put in some other topics, syllables and sight words for example.

    For the two games (panda Pop and Birdy Hop) you have to either pop the sight word or jump to the correct cloud to the end.

    We have time limits set which can be chosen before playing and they can also choose which bird to be.


    • Loads of options to play for both Phonics and sight words
    • FREE and in App format if needed
    • Student friendly and colorful
    • Can play at home or in a large classroom.

    4. Out of Sight Words Online Game


    Out of sight words online game abcya

    This game takes a different approach to most of the other online sight word games on this list. It is a hidden (kinda) words game using Sight words. AbcYa make excellent English games that are playable in both homes and classrooms. This game is a little slower paced than most.

    Students must find the sight word in the picture. and click on it. It offers the chance to not just teach sight word recognition but also teach some English Vocabulary as well.

    There are 10 different pictures to choose from and all are well made and interesting to try. It will work well in both a home and classroom setting.


    • 10 hidden sight word pictures to choose from
    • Slower paced so not so exciting ( needed in busy classrooms sometimes)
    • Uses observation and critical thinking skills as well.
    • One of many great ABcYA games to play on their site.

    5. Star Fall Online Sight Words Game


    Online sight words game

    Starfall have a history of making great english games and this online sight word games is no different. They often come with a reading activity and video to make the game extend into a full English lesson if you wish.

    This game is a simple matching game where students have to find matching pairs of sight words


    • Option to turn these games into full lessons with printables and readers
    • Easy to use if you have slow connection speeds
    • loads of options on their site
    • Simple and suitable for younger learners

    6. Snowball Online Sight Word Game


    This is a super cute online sight word game. Students have to throw a snowball at the correct sight word. As a bonus it also hits one of the polar bears if it’s correct. The game will throw a snowball at the player if incorrect!

    The game is pretty simple and can be played with one click and a mouse. So this makes it suitable for younger learners. No levels can jsut play ongoing words. This means it is quite good for a classroom setting.


    • Fun and colorful graphics very child friendly
    • Easy gameplay suitable for younger learners
    • Clear spoken language, easy to understand
    • Totally free to play, along with more resources as well.

    7. Sight Word Balloon Pop

    Online Sight Word games

    This is the first game we have in this list, and it is important to note EDUCATION.COM IS A PAID SITE, however there are freebies on their and most of their games allow you a few playthroughs a day or week which for most teachers will be enough. this is the reason we have included it in this list of FREE online sight word games

    As the name suggests, this online sight word game involves the player popping balloons containing the appropriate word. The game starts with multiple balloons containing different words popping out of a building’s window; the player is prompted to pop one balloon among the word group.

    If the pop is successful, the game continues with other words popping out of different windows.

    I find this online sight word game very useful and pleasant for the child’s sight word learning because it lets the child identify the particular sight word from a non related group of words.;

    Key features

    • Fun and colorful graphics
    • Target words appear on balloons and get progressively more challenging as the game progresses.
    • Emphasises word recognition and builds up a sight words vocabulary.
    • Helps children learn how to say particular words correctly, which is an essential step towards fluent reading.

    8. Sight Word Hopper

    Online Sight Word games

    This online sight word game is a great game for kindergarten to first graders. The player should click the appropriate word, after which the “frog” will jump over the selected correct words-the frog won’t jump if the word selection is wrong.

    As the game progresses through each level, new words appear that need to be hopped to as well. How is this game helpful? Well, this sight word game will improve your child’s sight word skills by teaching them how to identify sight words from a group of words.

    And considering the game involves jumping on mud with a big smile on the frog’s face, children will love this kind of stuff.

    This game is worth trying out. Great graphics, fun animation, and excellent sound quality make this sight word game truly enjoyable for kids. Remember it is on so you might hit a paywall at some point.

    Key features

    • The sound effects add to the experience and make it even more thrilling for children.
    • Helps kids understand what certain words mean by giving them the correct pronunciation
    • The cartoon character provides positive reinforcement and encourages children to keep playing.
    • Simple gameplay and good for younger English learners

    9. Ice Cream Attack

    online sight word game

    If your child is addicted to ice creams, then they will love this sight word game. The gameplay involves an ice cream exposed under the sun, well multiple suns. . Each sun contains a different word. The player is required to dodge the sun by selecting the right word, failure to which the ice cream melts under the hot sun.

    As a teacher, I find this sight word game very useful for quickly sharpening the child’s sight word recognition while improving their focus skills. I highly recommend it for all parents looking for online sight word games that are fun, attention sharpening, and educational at the same time.

    Key features:

    • Great graphics with a simple design make it easy on the eyes but challenging enough as well.
    • An option to replay instruction after it has been completed in case the child wants to.
    • A hint button that tells you which word is about to come up next, so kids can focus on dodging and not be stuck trying to figure out what’s coming.

    10. Sight Word Smash

    Room Recess

    oom recess Sightwords

    Sight word smash is another exciting online sight word game that your kids are going to love. In this online sight words game, the player aims to break ice bricks containing the appropriate word.

    If the player selects the correct word, the ice brick will break. If they get it wrong, then an “X” is shown instead of the ice breaking.

    It is from the ever popular Room Recess site which is worth checking out for the other English games there as well. You can also choose the level from Pre school and upwards.

    The game’s visuals are very bright and colorful, which makes them eye-catching to children. The sound effects also add excitement to this sight words game for kids making it more thrilling. As the players progress through each level, the bricks will get harder to break.

    I was pleasantly surprised by its great graphics and cute sound effects when I tried Sight Word Smash for myself.

    Key features:

    • The voice-over gives instructions about what to do in the game and why you need to break certain bricks.
    • Helps children understand what certain words mean and sound like by teaching them the correct pronunciation and spelling.
    • Can choose the level to make it suitable for preschool, kindi and grade 1. It also has options of numbers, colors and bigger words as well.
    • Sight word games can be played in various ways: randomly, by level, or a specific list of sight words.
    • The game keeps track of the player’s progress and provides badges for completing specific tasks, which is another excellent way to make children feel motivated about learning new sight words.

    11. Sight Word Submarine


    This is another great game from Abcya. Slow-paced again and with a different way of presenting sight words to children. it is the first of our spelling online sight words games on this list.

    This one also has levels for teachers to choose to make it more suitable for a large range of English learners. We have on our site resources to help with sight word spelling which we will highlight below but as this is a specific spelling game here is a resource for that as well.


    • A spelling orientated game, useful of sight words which often don’t follow phonic rules
    • Option to choose level specific word lists
    • Slower paced game suitable for both homes and classrooms
    • Wellmade and appealing to children.

    12. Spell the sight word


    This game is probably the most simple and relaxing out of all sight word games. It is selecting letters that make up the required sight word. The player gets to click on the letters they think will make up the word.

    Next, the player is required to click the submit option; If it is correct, then the word is recvocalized, and if incorrect, then the correct set of letters are displayed.

    An additional feature that I found pretty helpful when trying out this game is the sentence construction feature. A sentence created and vocalized using the sight word that you have to spell. I think this is an incredible way to help children learn sentence construction using sight words too.

    Key features:

    • The player gets to listen and repeat each sentence after it has been completed. That way they can practice their pronunciation of sight words too.
    • Each word is spoken twice, making it easier for children to spell specific sight words correctly.
    • A timer in the corner shows how long they’ve been playing and encourages them to keep going till it runs out.
    • Sentence construction is an excellent way for children to learn how words can be combined to form sentences.
    • If you get stuck, there’s an option that shows what letters are needed and where they need to go.

    Sight Word Worksheets and Resources

    We have a whole host of downloadable and printable resources covering sight words for multiple levels. We have listed some below but feel free to tap in sight words to the search box at the top of the page to get access to all of our free sight word resources.


    I hope this article is of use to teachers and parents looking for online sight word games on different gaming sites for their students and children. If your daughter or son is struggling with learning their sight word recognition skills, then these free online sites might be what you need. I’d highly recommend that all teachers and parents check them out.

    Happy teaching

    I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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