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Free Perfect Present Tense Worksheets – Grade 5

Present Perfect tense, as well as many tenses after simple past / present can be tricky for all students. Native students may well be able to use it in natural conversation, but may struggle when asked to explain why the present perfect tense works the way it does. For this reason present perfect is often only taught when students reach grades 4-6 depending on the English curriculum in the school.

ESL students starting to delve more deeply into English, this is the first of the complex tenses they will be introduced to after simple present, past and future. We have a set of 5 Present tense worksheets, which can be combined into a mini Present tense workbook if you need here on this page. The download link for these present tense worksheets in under the image below.

What is the Present Perfect Tense?

Quite simply, the present perfect tense is a grammatical term used in English grammar to express the present consequences of a past event. The present perfect tense is formed by combining the present tense and the perfect aspect. For example, “I have finished” is a form of the present perfect tense

How to teach the present perfect tense

Often, English learners are confused about the present perfect tense. The present perfect tense is used to discuss actions that started in the past and continued to the present. It is commonly used with the past simple tense, although it is possible to use it on its own.

Nevertheless, learning this tense is important, and requires practice and a knowledge of the concept of tenses, especially for second language learners.

  • Using a present perfect tense worksheet can help students to grasp the tense’s meaning and functions. Some of the most common uses of the tense include asking about an event, expressing feelings, and describing an action. It can also be used to talk about a completed action that occurred in the past.
  • Teaching the present perfect tense can be difficult. It can be confusing to both students and teachers. One solution is to focus on the first use of the tense. The present perfect is often confused with the simple past tense, and it can be difficult to distinguish which is the correct form to use.
  • For students, the best way to learn about the present perfect tense is to practice using it. Using sample sentences, students can also practice swapping out subjects and verbs in sentences.
  • Students can ask each other simple questions using present perfect. They can also write about their favorite activity or study.
  • Students can also learn about the present perfect tense by reading comprehension activities.
  • Students can write paragraphs in present perfect to describe an action.
  • They can also write about an important historical event from their country. They can also write about their hobbies or job.
  • Students can also learn about the present tense by writing about their “crazy” experiences and how they feel about it now.

When to teach the present perfect tense

The first thing to remember is that the present perfect tense is used to talk about actions that began in the past, continued in the past, and still continue in the present. It can also be used to talk about actions that have not yet been completed. This means students have to be aware, at a minimum of the past and present simple tenses before present perfect can be introduced.

The present perfect is not the easiest tense to teach or for students to understand. We recommend that earliest stage to introduce the present perfect tense would be grade 4 and even up to grade 6 depending on the ability and background of your students.

Using Worksheets to teach the Present Perfect Tense

Using worksheets to teach the present perfect tense can be a great way to help ESL students develop their language skills. There are many different kinds of worksheets available. These can range from games, to listening activities, to exercises that focus on the correct construction of the tense. There are also worksheets that cover the pronunciation of the tense, and the proper way to use it which we have here with guiding instructions to help make things easier.

Present perfect worksheets can also be used as a warm up activity. Students can look at the completed sentences and decide if they are right or wrong. After students have analyzed the sentences, they can discuss the usage of the present perfect with their classmates. It also gives teacher an idea of where each students it, and the gaps in their knowledge.

The present perfect tense worksheet also teaches students how to use time markers. Students can use time cues in pictures to write complete sentences. This is a great activity to use during the beginning of a lesson.

The present perfect tense worksheet can also be used as an error correction activity. Students read and discuss the sentences in order to correct the grammar mistakes. The first team to correct the order of the sentences scores three points. If a mistake is made, the team that was first to correct the order loses a point.

Extra Tense Worksheets

We have a large selection of tenses worksheets here on the site and you can check out a few in the list below.


The Present perfect tense is likely to be, if not the first, then an early dive into English tenses with more complexity. These Present tense worksheets were written with grades 4-6 in mind but of course you can use or adapt them as you see fit to fit your teaching environment.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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