Simple present tense worksheets for grade 2

We have a lot of tense worksheets on the site and these are new. They are designed for grades 1 2 3 if you are teaching them simple present tense.

They are great for ESL students as well as Native Speakers and we have 5 pages of present tense worksheets in the PDF.

What is the Simple Present Tense?

What is the simple present tense? This form of the present is used to indicate that an action occurred in the past, is happening now, or will occur in the future. It is commonly used when talking about a scheduled event. Examples include a train leaving every day at 8 am, a meeting at 10 am, or a holiday. It is not possible to use a different tense in all cases.

There are two types of tense: the simple present and the simple future. Simple present refers to actions that happen right now, and the future tense refers to actions that will occur in the future. It is also sometimes called the present indefinite. You can form simple present verbs by adding -s, -es, or -z to a verb. Here are some examples of how to use simple present verbs:

The simple present tense is used to express general truths, facts, or statements.

Examples of simple present are:

  • the sun rises in the east,
  • the planets revolve around the Sun,
  • the President of the United States stays in the White House
  • i am happy
  • it is blue

Other Tense and verb resources.

We have A selection of worksheets you can look through on the site on verbs and tenses. The links in the list below will take you to their pages.

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