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What Is The Present Perfect Tense?

Present perfect Tense Worksheet

The present perfect tense is one of the most important tenses in English. We use it to express what has happened or what has taken place. An easy way to remember it is that this tense tells us about something that began in the past and continues into the present. This means it is either completed or unfinished at the moment when we speak or write about it.

This tense can be translated as “has/have + past participle”. When you’re using this tense, you will be describing an event which took place in the past, but which happens now. For example:

“I have sung for three years.”
“We have met his brother.”
“The dog has died.

The present perfect is made up of two elements, the ‘have’ and the past participle. This is the form that is used when we want to say that something happened in the past which has an effect now. The past participle is used to describe an action or a state, depending on its ending. This ending tells us if we’re looking at an action or a state.

What is a Past Participle?

A past participle is formed in prefect tenses in different ways depending on the verb form. Regular verbs form their past participle by adding /ed/ as in their regular past tense forms. However irregular verbs will form their past participle by ending with /t/, /d/, /en/ and n.

We have examples of these in the table below.

Examples of Past Participles

Regular verbPast ParticipleIrregular VerbPast ParticipleIrregular ( unchanged) VerbPast Participle

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Why is Grammar in English Important?

There are many reasons why grammar in English is important. To start with, it helps us understand language and what the function of words in sentences are. We have hundreds of of worksheets, including articles, prepositions, tenses, phonics as well as these present perfect tense worksheets as well. These are listed below to help you teach these for your students.

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Other Parts of Speech resources

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