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Verb tense rules can be tricky for both native and ESL students. Although some verbs follow rules, (regular) there are many ( and commonly used) verbs that do not. these are known as irregular and have to be learnt not by rules and skills, but by memory. Here we have a selection of verb tables to help your students become familiar with these verbs.

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While these can be introduced naturally as they come up in general English lessons, it is also useful to have Verb tables for student to refer to to help them develop familiarity and confidence when using different verb tenses in both their speaking and writing practice.

Below we have seven pages of verb tables that cover both regular and irregular verbs. These verb tables have infinitive, past participle and simple past examples included. There are questions and quizzes included in the verb table download to help students practice.

Although these verb tables are designed with grade five students and upwards, there use depends on the English level of your students. If you feel it may be a little beyond them at this stage of their English learning then we have additional verb resources for you towards the bottom of this page. You can jump to these by clicking here.

You can download these seven verb tables below.

How to Use Verb Tables in the Home and Classroom

Inside these verb tables we have included some quizzes and questions to help students learn and remember how common regular and irregular verbs function. However, apart from handing them out and hoping they use them there are some other ways to use these as a teacher or parent.

Check out some options below.

Verb Table Pick

Print out the verb lists an cut them so you have a set of them. Then print sets of cards with infinitive, simple past and past participle on them. If you have lots of students you can print a mix and have them pick.

You can then pick a verb ( or have a student pick a verb) and pick a form card. the student has to try to say the verb in its infinitive, past simple or past participle form depending which card they picked. You can also add other tenses to this activity if your students are at that level of english.

Verb Table Bingo

Putting the infinitive form into a bingo generator means you have a ready made effective and fun resource. You can then use another form, simple past, or past participle and students have to mark off the infinite form of the verb instead.

Verb Table Posters

Having a language rich classroom or learning environment is always a good idea, and really oes help students become immersed in the language. These verb table downloads are high resolution enough that you can scale them up and use them as a section on an ”English wall” in your home or classroom.

Couple Verb Tables With Other Resources.

As we mentioned above we have loads of free verbs and tense resources and these are being added to week by week. Sometimes as teachers we forget to emphasize the teaching and focus on the assessing. You can use some of these worksheets, games and activities in parallel to the verb tables and help your students learn how to use verbs in all their forms.

We have these resources linked below for you .

Other Verb and Tense Resource Downloads.

The BEst Online Action Verb Games

Action Verb Uno Cards

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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