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Free Rhyming Worksheets.

Rhyming is a great way to help students recognise word patterns and learn how English words are constructed and these rhyming worksheets will help you both teach and consolidate these skills.

There are over 25 different rhyming worksheets on this page and we have them downloadable and printable in sets with different styles, tasks and levels to accommodate most classrooms both ESL and native. You can find the download links under the image in each set and we hope they are useful for you.

Rhymes are an important learning tool in reading and phonics instruction. As children learn rhyming patterns so does both there reading and decoding abilities increase. These worksheets allow students to practice and perfect their rhyming word knowledge.

Being able to recognize rhyming words is a vital reading skill for English learners. It opens up an increase in vocabulary. It requires listening and decoding skills that allow students to tackle more complex texts. It is a skills that needs teaching and practice.

  1. Increases recognition of sound and letter patterns
  2. Opens up more complex text
  3. Building confidence in reading
  4. Develops reading skills
  5. Are fun to teach

Color the Rhyme Worksheets

This free pack come with 4 different worksheets aimed at helping teachers to give their different ability students work that is targeted at their level.

  • The first three Rhyming worksheets are 2 different three letter worksheets to help rhyme C.V.C (mostly) words,
  • The next 2 Rhyming worksheets have longer rhyming words slightly more complex. This helps introduce the different spellings of vowels and English Words. Students have to find the rhyming pairs and colour them different colours so you will need a box of colored pencils for those students that don’t have them. .

These are great for younger learners, and the penguin paris they have to color are really popular.They are also easy for teachers to check if students are starting to understand the idea of Rhyme in English. With the similar design but increase in difficulty they are also great rhyming worksheets for mixed ability classrooms. As with all these posts the download link is under the example images below.

Penguin pairs rhyming worksheets

We also have these rhyming worksheets on their own dedicated portfolio page if you wanted to take a longer look or search the portfolio the link is below.

Find the rhyming word Worksheet

This free pack Rhyming worksheet pack come with 4 different worksheets aimed at helping teachers to give their different ability students work that is targeted at their level. Although the aim is similar to the Penguin pairs rhyming worksheets above the design is different. t

The first three worksheets are 2 different three letter worksheets to help rhyme C.V.C (mostly) words, the next 2 have longer four letter rhyming words. Students have to either circle or color the rhyming words in the row next to the first word.

These are great to start to teach students the concept of letters making the same sound ( sometimes) in words and being able to recognised similar sounding words.

Find the rhyming word workhsheet

Short Vowel Rhyming Worksheet – With vocabulary and Coloring

Here are four rhyming worksheets for use in both homes and classrooms. Students have to circle the correct word and then say both so they can practice their rhyming words. We have also included images that can be colored to help teachers with early finishers and to add a little creativity to the task.

These are our most popular rhyming worksheets download here on Making English Fun. They come in two sets, the other is long vowel words to help teach that phonics skill with Rhymes as well. this set of four has mixed vowel sounds and rhymes.

Rhyming SHort Vowel Worksheets 1

Long Vowel Rhyming Worksheets With Vocabulary and Coloring

As mentioned above we have a set of short vowel Rhyming worksheets, and below the long vowel rhyming worksheets, they have a mix of long vowel spellings including both diphthongs and magic E words, and can be used as part of lessons teaching these phonics topics.

Rhyming pairs Worksheet long vowels

Write and Rhyme Worksheets

We also have either a craft – cut and paste – or a written Rhyming worksheet activity below. Students have to find the rhyming word from the word back and wither write or cut and paste it into the correct box.

Just another way to present the rhyming topic and a little more hands on if you have learners than benefit from this type of activity.

Rhyming pairs Worksheet set

Fishing for Phonics – Rhyming Worksheets

A set of seven FREE Phonics Onset and Rime Worksheets. All with cute pictures and a colouring activity. These are more Phonics related, and designed to help students become familiar with word endings and minimal pairs but do deal with rhymes and rhyming words as well.

Students have to look for words and read the code to decide what colour to colour the fish according to this code. I have included seven different rimes for teachers to use and of course on this page are free.

Phonics Onset and Rime Fishing for Phonics worksheets

We have a link here to its standalone page if you want to learn more about this set and type of Rhyming worksheets

Other Rhyming Resources and Advice

Worksheets are one way of introducing Rhyming to students, but it is important to use as many different methods as possible, we have some links below to help build a prefect rhyming word lesson for you.

Online Rhyming Games

We also have some posts that discuss ways to introduce poetry and Rhyme into lessons especially for younger students and have linked two of these into the list below. The final link is to a INCREDIBLY difficult poem in English that even english teachers have trouble with. You can give it a go and is fun in Older year groups.

Of course songs are an ever popular way to teach English, across all ages, and this one is great ( though difficult at the end! it is called rhyming is so easy.


As we mentioned there are over 25 different rhyming worksheets linked above that are downloadable and printable in a PDF format.

Hopefully they will be useful we have tried to offer different difficulty levels, as well as different ways to teach and consolidate the information for the different ages and learning styles we all find in our classrooms ( and of course homes if you are a parent)

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