Free Find the Rhyme- 4 LEVELED Worksheets

Rhyming is a great way to help students recognise word patterns and learn how English words are constructed.

This free pack come with 4 different worksheets aimed at helping teachers to give their different ability students work that is targeted at their level. The first three worksheets are 2 different three letter worksheets to help rhyme C.V.C (mostly) words, the next 2 have longer rhyming words. This helps introduce the different spellings of vowels and English Words

There are a few different worksheets on the site so please take a look around. These cover Phonics and general English.

I hope they are useful and please let me know if they were. If you need an editable copy feel free to check it out in the shop (its gonna be a dollar or two just to help with the costs of running the website)

Happy teaching

if you want the editable version you can find it here https://makingenglishfun.com/product/find-the-rhyme-five-different-worksheets-editable/

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