Rhyming pairs Worksheet set

Rhyming is a great way to help students recognise word patterns and learn how English words are constructed.

This free pack come with 5 different worksheets aimed at helping teachers to give their different ability students work that is targeted at their level. The first three worksheets are 3 different three letter worksheets to help rhyme C.V.C (mostly) words, the next 2 have longer rhyming words and then the last one has words that sound the same but have different spellings. This helps introduce the different spellings of vowels and English Words

If you are looking for Online rhyming games to help in your Rhyming lessons we have a list here as well.

There are a few different worksheets on the site so please take a look around. These cover Phonics and general English.

I hope they are useful and please let me know if they were. If you need an editable copy feel free to check it out in the shop (its gonna be a dollar or two just to help with the costs of running the website)

Happy teaching

IF you want the editable version you can find it here! https://makingenglishfun.com/product/rhyming-pairs-five-different-worksheets-editable/

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