Here are four Long vowel rhyming word worksheets for use in both homes and classrooms. Students have to circle the correct word and then say both so they can practice their rhyming words. We have also included images that can be colored to help teachers with early finishers and to add a little creativity to the task.

Rhymes are an important learning tool in reading and phonics instruction. As children learn rhyming patterns so does both there reading and decoding abilities increase. These worksheets allow students to practice and perfect their rhyming word knowledge.

We have made these long vowel rhyming word worksheets to help you with your students and children. There are also a set of short vowel rhyming word worksheets on the site as well. We will link to these below. So as not to confuse.

You can download these rhyming word worksheets on the links below. We hope they are helpful.

Reasons Why Rhyming Is Important For Students.

Rhyming Vowel o Worksheet

Being able to recognize rhyming words is a vital reading skill for English learners. It opens up an increase in vocabulary. It requires listening and decoding skills that allow students to tackle more complex texts. It is a skills that needs teaching and practice.

  1. Increases recognition of sound and letter patterns
  2. Opens up more complex text
  3. Building confidence in reading
  4. Develops reading skills
  5. Are fun to teach

We will be posting a full guide to the importance of rhyming on the site soon, along with some tips and guides on how to help students with this often tricky aspect of English. In the meantime we have these two sets of worksheets to help you .

You can download these long vowel Rhyming worksheets below as a PDF. but check out our other resources as well

Other Rhyming Resources.

If you are looking to, or currently , teaching your students how to rhyme and rhyming skills we have also created sets of other worksheets to help with both spelling and phonics skills. You can check these out here as well. Our other Rhyming activities are also free to download.

If you are looking for information in the meantime check out this article on spelling difficulties. We also have a selection of Online Rhyming games below.

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