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Weather Script Forecast and Report Examples for Students

Hello to all the teachers and students out there! Today, we’ve got something special for you – weather report script examples for students.

These scripts are a fantastic way for ESL learners to dive into the practical world of English usage. Whether you’re just starting out or building on your existing skills, these scripts provide a fun and engaging way to practice language through the context of weather reporting.

  • For beginners, the scripts are simple and straightforward, focusing on basic vocabulary and sentence structures.
  • For intermediate learners, the scripts add a bit more complexity and detail, perfect for those looking to expand their skills.

Both sets are designed to be enjoyable and educational tools for learning English.

And the good news is, all of these beginner and intermediate weather report scripts can be downloaded right here on Making English Fun!

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weather script report and forecast examples for students

Beginner Level Weather Report Scripts

You can of course copy and paste these weather scripts or add images logos etc., to them, but we have them as a download ( both sets here below if you want to be quicker.

Script 1 (For Two Students)

Anchor: Hello, everyone. What’s the weather today, Sam?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Hi! Today is sunny and warm. It’s a great day to go outside. The sky is blue, and there is no rain. Enjoy the sun!

Script 2 (For Two Students)

Anchor: Good morning, Sam. How’s the weather?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Good morning! Today is cold and cloudy. Please wear a jacket. It might rain later. Don’t forget your umbrella!

Script 3 (For Two Students)

Anchor: Hello, Sam. What is the weather like today?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Hi there! Today is a rainy day. It is wet outside. Please wear boots and use an umbrella. Stay dry!

Script 1 (For Three Students)

Anchor: What’s the weather like today, Sam?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Hello! It’s windy today. The wind is strong. Be careful outside.

Anchor: Thanks, Sam. We have Mrs. Lee, a teacher, with us. Mrs. Lee, is it a good day for sports?

Interviewee (Mrs. Lee): No, it’s too windy for sports today. We will stay inside.

Script 2 (For Three Students)

Anchor: Can you tell us about today’s weather, Sam?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Good day! Today, it is very hot. The sun is strong. Wear a hat and drink water.

Anchor: Thanks, Sam. We have Mr. Brown, a park ranger, with us. Mr. Brown, is it safe to go hiking today?

Interviewee (Mr. Brown): On hot days like this, it’s better to stay cool indoors. If you go outside, take breaks and stay in the shade.

Intermediate Level Weather Report Scripts

You can of course copy and paste these weather scripts or add images logos etc., to them, but we have them as a download (both sets here below if you want to be quicker.)

Script 1 (For Two Students)

Anchor: Welcome, viewers. Let’s hear today’s weather from our reporter, Alex.

Weather Reporter (Alex): Good evening! Today, we have mixed weather. The morning will start sunny, but clouds will come in the afternoon. Expect mild temperatures around 70 degrees. It will be a pleasant day overall.

Script 2 (For Two Students)

Anchor: Alex, can you update us on the weather?

Weather Reporter (Alex): Sure! We’re experiencing a cold front today. Temperatures are dropping to the 40s, with a chance of light snow in the evening. Dress warmly and drive carefully on the roads.

Script 1 (For Two Students)

Anchor: What’s the latest on the weather front, Alex?

Weather Reporter (Alex):

This afternoon, we’re expecting partly cloudy skies with occasional gusty winds. Temperatures will hover around the mid-50s. It’s a good idea to carry a light jacket if you’re heading out.

Script 3 (For Three Students)

Anchor: Alex, what’s the weather forecast?

Weather Reporter (Alex): Today, we’re seeing a mix of sun and clouds. Temperatures are comfortable, in the mid-60s. However, there’s a chance of rain showers later.

Anchor: We have Mr. Johnson, a local farmer, here. How does this weather affect your farm, Mr. Johnson?

Interviewee (Mr. Johnson): The rain is good for my crops, but too much can cause problems. We need a balance of sun and rain for the best growth.

Script 2 (For Three Students)

Anchor: Alex, how’s the weather shaping up?

Weather Reporter (Alex): Today, we have a typical spring day – mild with scattered showers. Temperatures are in the low 60s, and we might see some sunshine by late afternoon.

Anchor: Let’s hear from Ms. Taylor, a local event planner. How does this weather affect your outdoor events, Ms. Taylor?

Interviewee (Ms. Taylor): The showers can be a challenge, but we always have backup plans, like tents or indoor venues, to ensure events go smoothly.

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And that’s a wrap on our weather report script examples for students! Whether you’re a beginner or at an intermediate level, these scripts offer a great opportunity to practice your English in a fun and relevant way.

They’re perfect for classroom activities or even for a bit of practice at home. Remember, practicing with these scripts can help improve your speaking, listening, and overall communication skills.

So, give them a try, and see how much fun learning English can be!

Don’t forget, you can download both the beginner and intermediate scripts right here on Making English Fun. Happy learning, everyone!


I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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