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News Script Samples For Students.

Hello, teachers and students! Today, we’re diving into an exciting and practical aspect of language learning: news broadcast script samples for students.

Engaging students in role-play activities, like news broadcasting, is not only a fun way to learn but also an effective tool to enhance language skills.

These script samples are designed to simulate real-life news scenarios, providing students with the opportunity to practice speaking, listening, and comprehension in a dynamic setting.

Teachers can use these scripts to create interactive and educational classroom activities, helping students to build confidence and fluency in English. So, let’s embark on this journey to explore the vibrant world of news broadcasting, where learning meets creativity and expression.

News Script Samples For Students.

You can jump ahead to each one as you need, and we have included downloads and printable versions so you can edit them for your, and your students needs – on simple word documents.

We also have an article and download on tips for great presentations for kids here on the site which is ever popular!

International News Script Samples

International News Script Samples

International news covers events from around the globe, offering students a window into different cultures and global issues.

Discussing international news in the classroom broadens students’ perspectives and enriches their understanding of the world.

It also helps in building vocabulary related to geopolitics, cultures, and global challenges.

To practice with our script examples, check out the downloadable link below.

International News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: Good morning, viewers. Today in international news, Country Y has announced a new project to protect the environment. They plan to plant one million trees over the next five years. Let’s go to our reporter, Jordan, in Country Y. Jordan?

Reporter (Jordan): Thank you. I am here in the capital city of Country Y. The government just announced this big project. People here are excited. They want cleaner air and more green spaces. The project will start next month. Many schools and organizations will help. It’s a big step for the environment in Country Y. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Jordan. This project could make a big difference. We will follow this story and bring you updates. Now, back to other news stories of the day.

International News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Good morning, everyone. In today’s international news, a new space mission has been launched by Country Z. The mission aims to study the moon. We have our reporter, Chris, at the space center. Over to you, Chris.

Reporter (Chris): Thanks. I’m here at the space center where the rocket just launched. It’s an exciting moment. I have Dr. Lee, a scientist, with me. Dr. Lee, can you tell us about this mission?

Interviewee (Dr. Lee): Yes, thank you. This mission is very important. We want to learn more about the moon. Our satellite will take pictures and collect data. It will help us understand the moon better.

Reporter (Chris): That sounds fascinating. Thank you, Dr. Lee. There you have it, a significant step in space exploration. Back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Chris, and thank you, Dr. Lee. We’ll keep our viewers updated on this mission. Next, let’s move on to our local news segment.

entertainment News Script Samples

Entertainment News Script Samples

Entertainment news is a fun and engaging way for students to explore language through the lens of culture, movies, music, and arts.

These scripts help students in learning contemporary vocabulary and expressions, improving their conversational and storytelling skills.

Entertainment segments are a great way to make language learning enjoyable.

Download editable entertainment news scripts using the link provided below.

Entertainment News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: Welcome back! Now let’s talk about entertainment news. The famous movie awards ceremony happened last night. Many stars were there. Let’s go to Taylor at the event. Taylor?

Reporter (Taylor): Thanks! I’m here at the awards. It was a glamorous night. Many famous actors and actresses walked the red carpet. The big winner of the night was the movie “Adventure in Space,” which won four awards, including Best Picture. The director thanked the cast and crew. It was a night full of excitement and surprises. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Taylor. That sounds like it was a great event. We’ll show some highlights later. Now, let’s move on to sports news.

Entertainment News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Good evening, everyone. In entertainment news, a new theme park is opening in City A. Our reporter, Jamie, is there with a special guest. Jamie?

Reporter (Jamie): Thank you. I’m here at the new theme park, which opens tomorrow. With me is Mr. Smith, the park manager. Mr. Smith, what can visitors expect?

Interviewee (Mr. Smith): Hello! We are excited to welcome everyone. Our park has many rides, shows, and games. There’s something fun for all ages. We also have a special area based on the popular “Jungle Adventure” movie series.

Reporter (Jamie): That sounds fantastic! Thank you, Mr. Smith. There you have it, a new place for family fun. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Jamie and Mr. Smith. I’m sure many will visit the park. Now, let’s turn to our sports update.

sport News Script Samples

Sports News Script Samples

Sports news segments provide lively and engaging content, ideal for capturing students’ interest.

They help students learn specific vocabulary related to sports and develop the ability to describe dynamic actions.

Additionally, practicing sports news scripts can enhance students’ presentation skills and their ability to convey excitement and enthusiasm.

Download editable sports news script samples from the link below.

Sports News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: Now, let’s jump into sports news. The World Soccer Championship is happening. Many teams are playing well. Let’s connect with Max, who is at the stadium. Max?

Reporter (Max): Thanks! The atmosphere here is electric. The match between Team A and Team B just finished. Team A won with a score of 3-1. Their star player scored two goals. Fans are celebrating. The next match is tomorrow. We’ll see if Team B can make a comeback. Back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Max. We’ll keep an eye on the championship. Up next, the weather forecast for the week.

Sports News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Welcome to our sports segment. There’s exciting news in basketball. The national tournament has a new champion. Our reporter, Alex, is with the winning team’s coach. Over to you, Alex.

Reporter (Alex): Thanks. I’m here with Coach Johnson from the victorious team. Coach, how do you feel about the win?

Interviewee (Coach Johnson): It’s amazing. The team worked hard all season. We focused on teamwork and practice. Our fans’ support was fantastic. We’re proud to be the champions.

Reporter (Alex): Thank you, Coach Johnson, and congratulations. A great achievement indeed. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Alex, and congrats to the team. That’s all for sports. Stay with us for more news.

local News Script Samples

Local News Script Samples

Local news scripts focus on events and stories within a community. They are an excellent tool for students to connect with their immediate surroundings and understand local issues.

Practicing these scripts aids in fostering community awareness and enhances language skills pertinent to students’ daily lives.

For teachers and students wishing to use our script samples, you can find an editable version at the download link below.

Local News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: In local news today, a new library has opened in our town. It’s a big addition to our community. Let’s hear more from our reporter, Sara, who is at the library. Sara?

Reporter (Sara): Thank you! I’m standing in front of the new library. It’s a modern building with lots of books and computers. There are also rooms for studying and meetings. The mayor said it’s important for education and community. People are excited to visit and use the library. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Sara. The library seems like a great place. Now, let’s check out the breaking news of the day.

Local News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Good evening, we have local news about a charity event happening this weekend. Our reporter, Mike, is on location with the event organizer. Mike?

Reporter (Mike): Thanks! I’m here at the park where the charity event will be. With me is Mrs. Green, the organizer. Mrs. Green, can you tell us more?

Interviewee (Mrs. Green): Sure! This event is to help the local animal shelter. We have games, food, and music. Everyone is invited. We hope to raise money and find homes for pets.

Reporter (Mike): That’s wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Green. So, come out this weekend to support a good cause! Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Mike and Mrs. Green. It sounds like a fun event for a good cause. Next, we have breaking news.

breaking News Script Samples

Breaking News Script Samples

Breaking news segments are crucial in a news broadcast, focusing on urgent and recent events. These segments help students learn how to quickly process and communicate important information.

Practicing breaking news scripts enhances students’ ability to think on their feet and develop clear, concise language skills. It’s an exercise in staying informed and being responsive.

For editable script samples, the download link is provided below.

Breaking News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: We have breaking news. A large fire broke out in a factory on the outskirts of the city. Let’s go to our reporter, Lisa, at the scene. Lisa?

Reporter (Lisa): Thank you. I’m near the factory where the fire started. Firefighters are here and working hard to control the fire. Roads around the factory are closed. People are asked to avoid this area. There are no reports of injuries yet. We will give more information as we get it. Back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Lisa. We hope everyone stays safe. Stay with us for updates on this situation. Now, back to our regular programming.

Breaking News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Breaking news just in. There’s been a major train accident near Downtown. We have our reporter, Kevin, at the scene. Kevin?

Reporter (Kevin): Yes, I’m here at the train station where the accident occurred. A train derailed causing major disruption. Emergency services are on the scene. I have Mr. Brown, a witness, with me. Mr. Brown, what did you see?

Interviewee (Mr. Brown): It happened suddenly. The train went off the tracks. People were shocked. The emergency teams arrived quickly and started helping.

Reporter (Kevin): Thank you, Mr. Brown. We’re glad you’re safe. The situation is still developing. We’ll bring more news as we have it. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Kevin, and thank you, Mr. Brown. Our thoughts are with those affected. We will keep you updated.

national News Script Samples

National News Script Samples

National news covers significant events and developments within a country, offering students an insight into current affairs and governance. Engaging with national news scripts is an effective way for students to learn about political, social, and economic issues impacting their country.

It helps them develop language skills relevant to discussing broader societal topics and enhances their understanding of national contexts.

For teachers and students looking to incorporate these elements into their learning, editable national news script samples are available for download at the link below.

National News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: Turning to national news, the government has announced a new education program. It aims to improve schools across the country. Let’s go to our reporter, Emily, who is at the Ministry of Education. Emily?

Reporter (Emily): Thanks! I’m outside the Ministry of Education where the announcement was made. The new program will focus on better equipment and more teachers for schools. The goal is to help students learn more and have better opportunities. People are hopeful this will make a big difference. Back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Emily. It sounds like a significant step for our education system. Now, let’s look at today’s weather forecast.

National News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: In national news, there’s a major development in public transportation. Our reporter, Jack, is at the transportation department with a government official. Over to you, Jack.

Reporter (Jack): Thanks. I’m here with Mr. Anderson from the Department of Transportation. Mr. Anderson, can you tell us about the new project?

Interviewee (Mr. Anderson): Yes, we are launching a new train line. It will connect several major cities and make travel faster and easier. We’re excited about this project and its benefits.

Reporter (Jack): That’s great news. Thanks, Mr. Anderson. A new train line could change how we travel. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Jack and Mr. Anderson. We’ll follow this story closely. Next, let’s see what’s happening with the weather.

weather report News Script Samples

Weather Report Script Samples

Weather news is a daily feature in broadcasts and an excellent tool for teaching everyday vocabulary and descriptive language.

Students practicing weather news scripts learn how to articulate forecasts and environmental conditions clearly.

This segment enhances their ability to describe various weather scenarios, useful in daily conversations.

For editable weather news scripts, find the download link below.

Weather News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: And now, let’s check today’s weather with our weather reporter, Lucy. Lucy, how’s the weather looking?

Weather Reporter (Lucy): Hello! Today, we have sunny skies in most areas. It’s a perfect day to be outdoors. However, there might be some rain in the northern regions later in the evening. So, if you’re in the north, don’t forget your umbrella! Temperatures are mild everywhere. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Lucy. It seems like a good day for a walk, except in the north! Remember to stay updated on the weather. That’s all for now.

Weather News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Let’s turn to the weather report. What can we expect this week, Sam?

Weather Reporter (Sam): Good morning! This week, we’re expecting varied weather. Today, we have some clouds and sun. But, I have Mr. Davis, a local farmer, here to talk about how the weather affects farming. Mr. Davis?

Interviewee (Mr. Davis): Thanks, Sam. Yes, weather is important for us. We need rain for our crops, but too much can cause problems. We always watch the weather closely.

Weather Reporter (Sam): Thanks for sharing, Mr. Davis. So, there you have it. Expect some rain this week, good for farmers but might affect your outdoor plans. Back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Sam, and thank you, Mr. Davis. Don’t forget your rain gear this week! Now, moving on to entertainment news.

Environment News Script Samples

Environmental News Script Samples

Environmental news scripts focus on ecological and sustainability issues, crucial in today’s world.

These scripts help students learn vocabulary related to the environment and develop an awareness of global ecological challenges.

Practicing environmental news is not only educational but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Access editable environmental news script samples via the download link below.

Environmental News Script (For Two Students)

Anchor: Welcome back. In environmental news today, there’s a big story about a city going green. Let’s connect with our environmental reporter, Zoe, who is in the city center. Zoe?

Reporter (Zoe): Thanks! I’m here in downtown where the city has just launched a new project. They are planting thousands of trees and creating more parks. This effort is to make the city greener and cleaner. People here are excited about having more nature in the city. The mayor says it’s important for the environment and the people. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Zoe. It’s great to see cities taking steps for the environment. Now, let’s move on to sports news.

Environmental News Script (For Three Students)

Anchor: Now, let’s turn to environmental news. A local beach cleanup has been a huge success. Our reporter, Alex, is at the beach with a volunteer. Alex?

Reporter (Alex): Thank you. I’m here at the beach, which looks much cleaner now. With me is Jamie, a volunteer who helped with the cleanup. Jamie, can you tell us about the day?

Interviewee (Jamie): Sure! Many people came to help pick up trash today. We found plastic, cans, and even old tires. It feels good to help the environment and keep our beach beautiful.

Reporter (Alex): That’s wonderful. Thank you, Jamie, for your efforts. There you have it – a community coming together for the environment. Back to you.

Anchor: Thanks, Alex and Jamie. It’s inspiring to see community action like this. Next up, a look at tomorrow’s weather.


And that’s a wrap on our news broadcast script samples for students! These scripts are a great way for you to practice and improve your English.

By acting out these news stories, you can learn new words, get better at speaking, and understand more about the world.

For teachers, these scripts are useful tools to make classes fun and full of learning.

Remember, every time you try a news script, you’re getting one step closer to being more confident in using English. So, keep practicing with these scripts, and have fun with your news broadcasts in class!


I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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