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Grade 3 Reading and Writing Worksheets

Below we have two sets of 5 Grade 3 reading and writing worksheets for free Download and use for Schools, homes and parents. ( not to sell, or post on your site on of course though linking back is appreciated)

This can be used as individual grade 3 reading or writing worksheets or as a project for home or the classroom. We have aimed at grade 3 or above but of course you know your children or students best and you can gauge if they are suitable for their level.

We also have countless articles on reading across the grades on the site and have included some as a link at the bottom of the page. this includes reading levels at grade 3 and other reading resources as well as grammar and vocabulary worksheets. You can access this with a search on grade three in the search icon on the menu above.

What is included in Grade 3 reading material.

We include the table from our article what reading level should a third grader be at” here and you can read more about what aspects of English a typical third grader will learn about here, and also access teaching tips and resources in there as well.

Table 1: Third Grade Reading Skills

Skills LearnedResources to Help
Read for fun and improve fluencyReading Grade Three Leveled Texts Set 2 and set 3
Development of their own reading skills, and
become more aware how to use them with less prompting.
Using Syllables and Y as a Vowel Worksheets
Stronger command of phonics, and phonetic patternsVowel Digraph Worksheets
Recognition of syllables, and multiple syllable wordsUsing Syllables
Be familiar with different text types, fiction, non fiction, poetry etc.Simple Poetry Reading
Start to develop critical thinking skills that can be applied to reading and in wider contextsReading Skills Workbook

Grade Three Reading and Writing Worksheets -The Radio Host

the download below includes multiple choice quizzes, gap fills, reading material and writing tasks.

Grade 3 reading and Writing Worksheets small

Grade 3 reading and Writing Worksheets – Letter About The Past.

The Set of 5 grade 3 reading and Writing Worksheets below includes multiple choice quizzes , close activities, reading and Writing tasks and more. these work great together with the set above to both assess and use as teaching aids in the English Classroom.

Grade 3 reading and Writing Worksheets small

Other Grade 3 Resources

We have thousands of resources on the site that will cover phonics and reading skills as well as grammar and Vocabulary. We have highlighted four free resources below for you to download and use with your children and students.

these are great for both lessons and homes.

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