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Grade 3 Prepositions of Place Worksheets

Below we have a set of 5 Prepositions of place worksheets for free Download and use for Schools, homes and parents. ( not to sell, or post on your site – of course though linking back is appreciated)

This can be used as individual Prepositions of place worksheets or as a prepositions mini project. We have aimed at grade 3 or above but of course you know your children or students best and you can gauge if they are suitable for their level.

We also have articles on Prepositions of place worksheets and how to use them to help to guide and instruct you on how to teach these tricky grammar rules in English. you can check this out here and on the links at the End.

We also have individual preposition worksheets for you at the end as well if you just need standalone worksheets.

Just before we jump into the worksheets we have a few details on what the prepositions of place are in English below.

What are the Prepositions of Place in English?

Prepositions of place describe where something is in the world often in relation to other things. They are some of the most commonly used words in English and as well as adding fluency to students English as well as being both fun to learn and teach.

Examples of prepositions include:

  • in
  • on
  • under
  • in front
  • behind
  • above
  • at
  • between.

Rather than give you loads of examples of their use in English we can just give you the links to our worksheets where there are loads of examples inside. We also have the links to other prepositions worksheets below as well.

prepositions of place grade 3 worksheets small

The prepositions worksheets above are the most recent ones, however the ones below are also some of the most popular resources we have on the site.

Feel free to browse through them as well.

Other Prepositions Resources

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