Prepositions are always a favourite subject of mine to teach, there are so many activities to do both interactive and written. I have been using for a while a set of worksheets that were starting to look more than a little dated. They were still very good, but they needed to be dragged into the 21st century so I decided to remake them.

I also make up actions for this as they sing along.

I usually use them after introducing the song above, its not mine as i can’t sing! I love to sing, unfortunately i have the voice of a hippo so most people ask me to stop ! I also do activities where i ask the students to read a sentence and then come and do the action.

So for example “”put the pencil on the chair, put the hat under the desk” so they have some movement in the lesson as well, and then as desk work and consolidation I have made these worksheets as well.

In this set there are 7 different worksheets. There are 3 worksheets that just require the students to write a single word under the picture ( the pictures are cats, chicks and raccoons) and 3 worksheets that require students to write in full sentences. I have done this so you can give the same ”looking” worksheet to your students but if you want or need to differentiate you have the option. I have included a preposition word bank at the bottom of the worksheet to help if needed.

The 7th worksheet is a draw their own task, They have to read the sentence and then draw the picture in the empty box, this is to motivate the more artistic in the class, and, to add elements of reading and speaking rather than just writing as well. I actually like doing this one with my class the most.

I hope they are useful and please let me know if they were. If you need an editable copy feel free to check it out in the shop (its gonna be a dollar just to help with the costs of running the website)

Happy teaching

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I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.