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FREE Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets -Set of Five

The longer you are in teaching the faster the years seem to go by. When i was teaching in Hong Kong we always used to say aim for december. It was four long months without a fall break ( or Half term if you are from the UK) Those months were broken up by Halloween. This was as popular for the teachers as the students and we got up to all sorts of Kindergarten halloween worksheets, activities and fun.

In lessons, we put normal work to one side and brought out the halloween worksheets and games. The really good ones always seemed to cost money, which as a teacher is in pretty short supply. So for this year,and coming years, we have decided to go all out and make some lovely FREE Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets and activities which are fully downloadable and printable for you .

The Link and images are below 🙂

Have a Special and spooky day!

Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets.

We have two sets, ( and some more goodies) on the site. This page deals with the Kindergarten Halloween worksheets, but we also have grade 1 to grade 3 Halloween worksheets. You can find the download links for these worksheets above and below, and the grade 1 to 3 halloween worksheets page link here and below as well.

What’s in this Kindergarten Halloween Worksheet Set?

We have five worksheets in this set as you can see from the image below. These include

  • Spooky Vocabulary – to help Kindergarten students learn and master that tricky Halloween Vocabulary.
  • Beginning Sounds – To bring the alphabet and initial sounds into the Halloween festivities.
  • Alphabet Order – These help students practice the order of the alphabet with a Halloween theme.
  • I Need My face – this witch picture give kindergarten students a Halloween picture to trace and color and a quick sentence to write as well.
  • Color and Write – Students have to choose a costume they would like and color it ( though of course they can color them all) and write a sentence below.

You can use these kindergarten halloween worksheets on their own or as a set to send home.

Other Halloween Resources.

We also have a few other resources on the site, all but one of which are free. You can take a look at them below. They are suitable for multiple levels of student and both downloadable and printable.

We have dominoes activities, which can last for a whole lesson and give the child a pretty cool English reading picture frame to take home!

There is a free Halloween online game that helps children match halloween vocabulary.

and there is a pack of 13 worksheets for multi levels.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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