Make a sentence Worksheets set 2

Sentence construction is a milestone for students. Learning how English sentences are constructed allows their communication skills to develop quicker, and their confidence to build as they move from single words to whole sentences. These Make a sentence worksheets are designed to both build their skills and their confidence.

We have also added pictures to allow students to color and add their own touch to these make a sentence worksheets as well.

These make a sentence worksheets are made of the sentences from 4 to 5 words long to help beginner students of english learn how to construct sentences.

There are hundreds of ways to teach sentences to younger learners of English. To assit with these and to cater for learner diversity we have on this site 2 FREE online sentence scramble games to play both on phone and in the classroom.

These online sentence games help diversify your teaching both at home and in the classroom. They also help students learn sentence order, and become familiar with how words and word order function.

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Make a Sentence worksheet  Color 3

We have linked these sentence scramble games at the bottom of the page so you can access them easier. They are each on their own separate page so you can bookmark them if needed.

In this set of make a sentence worksheets we have 5 different worksheets to use, there are also 2 further sets on the site as well

There are red, green and blue sets so you can expand your teaching. That makes a total of 15 make a sentence worksheets for your students.

The links to the other two sets are at he bottom of this page just click to head to their pages.

Other Sentence Scramble and Make a Sentence Resources

As mentioned above we have other resources on the site. Although these cover hundreds of different English topics we also have resources on sentence construction as well.

Below we have linked to our 5 most popular online sentence games, activities and articles. However there are lots more on the site and you can hit search if you need more 🙂

Online Sentence Games:

The best online sentence games from around the web.

Sentence Scramble Online is our most popular sentence game.

Sentence Bridge Builder works well with these sentence scramble worksheets, students have to build the sentence and the bridge to let the animal of their choice cross over!

Sentence Scramble and Make a Sentence Worksheets.

Set One Sentence Scramble Worksheets

These are slightly easier version and could be suited for beginners of English to build confidence when dealing with putting together words into sentences. We have 6 similar and 2 alternative version and they include craft activities as well

Do Sentences need an Object? We explore the answer to this and other sentence construction questions.

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Happy Teaching!

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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