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4 Seasons Worksheets

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, there are a number of ways to teach elementary students about the 4 seasons. While there are plenty of activities and ideas that will help you teach your students the different traits and features of each season. We have a collection of 6 Seasons worksheets aimed at grade school level / ESL students below.

You can print them out from the link under the image below.

4 seasons worksheets elementary

Our 4 Seasons Worksheets

We have multiple tasks in these seasons worksheets, each building on from the previous one. it includes craft work, writing and reading comprehension and all 6 can be used as a mini workbook, or individually depending on your teaching needs.

We also have some advice and ideas on how to teach seasons in the sections below.

How to Teach Elementary Students About the 4 Seasons

Whether you are a parent or an educator, knowing how to teach children about the 4 seasons is important. You can help them understand why the weather is different each season and what they can expect each time the seasons change.

Tips to teach Seasons to Students.

Introducing children to the four seasons is a great way to help them understand the passage of time and how it changes. Seasons are defined by the weather and climate changes that take place during the year. These changes have an impact on many things. Seasons affect food, clothing, and activities.

  • Children learn about the four seasons by reading books, engaging in hands-on activities, and talking about what the seasons mean. They also enjoy activities that allow them to play with their clothes and learn about different weather.
  • A good seasons lesson plan focuses on how the seasons affect the climate and how changes in the weather affect activities. In the spring, the days are longer and the sun is stronger. This is the time of year when plants grow and flowers bloom.
  • A good way to teach children about the four seasons is to use a thermometer. Children can record temperatures in their notebooks and notice changes in temperature during the seasons, it can also be discussed if everywhere on Earth has seasons. ( they dont!)
  • Another good way to teach children about the four seasons includes making a weather chart. Students can create tally charts of rainfall and record the temperatures. They can also make line graphs of the rainfall.
  • Another fun way to teach children about the four seasons is through a sorting activity. This activity can be very tricky for kids. But the results are great.

Another good lesson plan for children on the four seasons includes a fun song. Children love to sing. Try singing the Jack Hartman song, “Penguin dance“. You can also sing, “It’s Winter Time.”

After teaching children about the four seasons, you can engage them in a sorting activity. You can have students sort a picture into a summer or winter scene. with clothing, activities weather etc. This activity can be a little tricky for some students, so have them explain why they are sorting.

We also have some weather worksheets on the site and a full craft reading domino exercise that is really popular and takes a full lesson you can check out on the link as well.

You can also teach children about the four seasons by having them create a chart of the weather. Children can record the temperature for each season as well as the weather during each season. Afterwards, they can talk about the weather and its changes.

Students can also sort clothes into the appropriate season. This can be a fun activity that helps them to learn about seasonal clothing. They can also color pictures of each season.

There are hundreds of ideas to teach weather and seasons to all ages of students and you can check out the references below for some more ideas


With Students natural curiosity in the world around them seasons and weather are great subjects to tackle in a classroom and with the vastness of the topic it offers a chance to fit into more than just English classrooms. It can cover Geography, Maths and the sciences as well – perfect to make cross curricula units of work!

Our Seasons worksheets aim to help in an English Classroom but can of course be used as you need!


I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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