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6 Earth Day Worksheets For Grade School

We have a set of 6 Earth Day Worksheets for free download here on the site. These aim to teach the main vocabulary around environmental issues and protecting the planet to help with teaching this subject in English classroom and lessons.

You can Find the download link under the image below and we also have some more tips, resources, advice and activities to help give you some ideas on how to introduce environmental issues to younger students below this link as well.

We also have a full unit of work ( that we love teaching) on the Earth that is suitable for older students as well.

How to Teach Students About Earth Day

Whether you’re planning a school Earth Day celebration or you want to have a fun family Earth Day event, there are many ways to teach students about the Earth and all its many wonders. From teaching them about pollution to letting them take part in a trash clean-up, there are a variety of great activities to teach your students about the Earth and how we can help protect it.

We have some resources on the site that are great both for English learning and for General studies lessons. both are linked on this page. The Worksheets for Earth day and preventing pollution are linked under the image above and the Earth general studies unit of work is linked towards the end of the article.

earth day worksheets for elementary students

Teaching Earth Day Tips

Using images to teach about pollution on Earth Day can be a great way to engage students and help them learn more about the world around them. This is especially true if you are teaching kids about environmental science.

There are numerous resources on the web for teaching kids about this topic. In addition to articles and videos, there are also lesson plans and podcasts for teaching about pollution on Earth Day. TES and Education.com have loads of resources if you need more.

The Earth Day website itself has an event map of Earth Day events taking place in your area. You can also check out the Nature Conservancy’s website for more ideas. This organization has a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020. You can get involved by planting trees yourself, as well as taking part in a tree planting program in your area and make a unit of work of it for your class and school.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management offers free virtual presentations to elementary schools. This includes a free online lesson on Earth Day. The website also offers tips for teachers. The video shows students how to do things like plant trees, recycle, and create compost. It is likely other Educational Districts have similar events and opportunities as well.

During the week of Earth Day, there are plenty of events and activities you can participate in. These include planting flowers, planting vegetables, and composting. The purpose of these activities is to promote the environment and educate your students about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Thousands of schools and universities across the country held Earth Day events. These events included classes on a wide range of topics, including composting and plant preservation.

Educating students about Earth Day is not only a fun activity, but it is also a good way to get your kids involved in a meaningful discussion. With Earth Day on April 22, there are plenty of opportunities to talk about the earth’s beauty, sustainability and recycling.

The first thing to remember about Earth Day is that all life on the planet depends on ecological balances. To learn more about how our actions affect climate change, check out The Climate Change Book. Its short and sweet, and covers the major themes in a simple way.

earth day worksheets for elementary students

Craft ideas for Earth Day

Having a butterfly garden is a great way to attract beneficial insects, such as honey bees and hummingbirds. These beneficial insects are essential to the food chain, and your butterfly garden is a nice place for them to visit.

An Earth-themed colouring page is a great way to start a discussion about the planet. There are plenty of free downloads of planet coloring pages.

Another Earth Day craft that has the potential to educate your students about the Earth is the butterfly life cycle necklace. This homemade necklace is a clever way to teach your students about the life cycle of a butterfly.

This simple paper plate craft teaches students about the life cycle of the butterfly in a fun and educational way. You could even hang it in a sunny window. These crafts are perfect for preschoolers and older children alike. They are easy to make and fun to display.

Trash clean-ups

Getting students involved in a trash clean-up can be a great way to teach them about the importance of the environment. It also provides a way for them to make their neighborhood cleaner and safer. In turn, they’ll also learn more about recycling and developing good environmental habits.

Trash clean-ups don’t have to be done on school grounds. For example, students can organize a Neighborhood Cleanup Day. They can also work with community members to make their neighborhood a more inviting place.

Earth Day is an annual celebration dedicated to taking care of the Earth. It is a day for people everywhere to take part in trash clean-ups. You can participate by cleaning your local parks, beaches, rivers and streams and involving students from a young age will encourage them to keep the environment in their minds as they get older.

For older students, consider researching the history of Earth Day. You may also want to do a service project, like planting a tree or creating a trail map of your local natural area. You can also create an “animoto” video about Earth Day, or presentations in class.

Check out the EPA Website for Resources.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website has a collection of documents for teaching Earth Day. It provides basic environmental information ( and more in depth) that can be used in lessons and classrooms.

You can also use the free I Want to Be Recycled website to teach students about recyclable materials. The site also features a Recycling 101 course, which can help teachers build a recycling program in their classrooms.

Another way to teach students about Earth Day is through a community garden. A community garden can include parents and students, and it can produce fruit and vegetables for local farmers’ markets.

Another way to teach students about Earth day is to have them create their own dance or song to raise awareness about environmental issues. You can also have your students create short films to raise awareness about climate change. There is a great one i have used in assemblies before, called this is our world. You can watch on the video below.


There are too many resources to put on a single page, especially one that is set up for these worksheets, however TES, and Education.com have hundreds, if not thousands, of resources to access. Our Earth day worksheets can be used as a supplement in English lessons and of course are free to download.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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