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Create An Animal – lesson Plan and Resources.

Allowing students of all ages ways to expressive their creativity in lessons is a great way to keep them motivated and take ownership of their work. This Make their own animal lesson with worksheets and resources is just perfect to get those creative juices following.

We have accompanying Make an Animal Worksheets in a free download under the image below, as well as video instructions on how to use some resources which is worth a few mins of your time to learn how to use a free create an animal website to get the make an animal lesson started.

If you are just looking for the create an animal worksheet then the download is under the example image.

Different versions of the Make an Animal Worksheet

It is much more of a motivator when students are asked to describe their own work rather than a generic picture or situation. The Mix up / Create and Animal worksheets above come in three different versions to cater for learner diversity in your classrooms or homes.

  1. A simple version with students picking from a selection of adjectives ( listed at the foot of the worksheet) for English learners who may need a little more support.
  2. An intermediate difficulty Make an Animal worksheet for those students with a little more knowledge of English that asks students to answer questions about the animal they created.
  3. A set of lines for students to describe their own made up animal in their own words. Allowing them to produce a piece of creative writing.
Create your own animal lesson

How to Teach the Create your own Animal Lesson.

I teach it fairly simply as i want them to spend time working on their animals ( and they prefer that as well) but that said i use this after the animal dominos activity to give them two unique and unusual pieces of work. Which are great for them and of course great to go home and show their parents their creative work.

I will briefly outline the steps here.

We are presuming that animals are known to your students, and if its been a while you can re introduce some to the class to make sure they know the theme of the lesson. The below ideas cover students making their own animals ( as teaching animals as a topic is a whole other lesson!)

  • Ask the students what animals we have been talking about.
  • Write them down on the board as they say them
  • Ask what would happen if they mix a shark and a spider?
  • Draw a picture of what that animal would look like and start to ask them, what would it eat, and what could it do, where would it live etc.
  • Ask them to pick two more animals and mix them together again.
  • Now say that you want them to take two or even three animals and make them into one.
  • If you are using the Switch zoo site or app you can show them that now as it is great to get their ideas flowing and you can allow them to come up and try it. ( check out the video below and the link to SwitchZoo
  • Say you want them to make/or draw the animal and then write a little about it, and that good ones can go on the wall or win a prize.
  • Thats it! The lesson lasts a good hour and if they haven’t finished they will enjoy taking it home to do there as well! However it can be easily changed or adapted for any level.

Students actually ask for extra worksheets so they can make more than one animal, so have some spare and maybe give them the next level up of Make your own animal worksheet to test their English as well as their creativity.

Other Creative Animal Resources

We have Hundreds of Animal Resources on the site and although a search will bring them all we have listed the best Animal worksheets and activities we think complement this lesson below.

In case you missed the link for SwitchZoo in the Text above we have it hear again: Switch Zoo Online Animal maker Its awesome!

Animal Dominoes:

We actually have a few sets of these for use and they are a superb lesson on their own. Students have to match the picture on a domino and stick it on a larger paper to create a frame. them they have to fill in the information in the middle.

It is a good hour long lesson and looks awesome when they have finished. there is too much to go into on this page but you can check out the link here and below to see how this all comes together. We have video instructions for this as well.

We actually have the following sets of animal dominoes to check out as well. As we mentioned they are a great complement to the create your own animal lesson and resources. .

Animal readers and Comprehension.

we also have sets of Animal readers on the site to add further depth to these lessons, these are ever popular and are also in our 350 worksheet bundle we link to at the end. We have also included the Animal PowerPoint jeopardy game in this list if you need to pre teach some animal vocabulary before starting the create an animal lesson.

The Mega Bundle

We have all of these reading resources, as well and hundreds of phonics, vocabulary, and more resources in one easy to download bundle in our Shop. It’s usually on permanent sale ( we are teachers too) so feel free to take a look it really is our best collection of resources.


We have too many to list Animal resources on the site, and anything from coloring to word sort and construction can be found here. However, the Make your own animal or create your own animal lesson is still on of our absolute favourites

If you pair it with some of our other Animal worksheets and resources you have a great teaching pack for both ESL and Native classrooms.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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