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FREE Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are likely to be at an emergent reading level, at least as an average ability level across the year or class. Due to this care needs to be taken to ensure they have access to suitable levelled reading materials. We have created these, and other level specific reading resources, to help teachers and parents collect both lesson and supplementary reading comprehension materials easily and quickly.

With especially quickly in mind you can find the download link below the example of our grade one reading worksheets below. you can also check the rest of the page for some tips, games and other resources to help both teach and practice teaching reading to grade 1 and below.

Example Grade 1 reading Comprehension

Before you Jump away, we have further resources below that are both slightly above and below the above grade 1 reading worksheets, but follow a similar appearance and format.

These can be used to make sure you have materials at the appropriate levels for all your students and as reading levels will be difference for HUNDREDS of different reasons you may find them more suitable for your grade 1 students than out suggestion above. So you can scan through and find those below the next couple of sections.

We have but a Youtube Video up which has these 5 worksheets being Read out loud following the text in case you need something for students to follow.

Grade 1 Reading levels

These reading passages are leveled using the SMOG and Flesch Kincaid Grade Level. As with all things this is dependent on the background, prior knowledge and reading level of your students. Some will find it easier some will find it more difficult.

So they are designed for you to use your professional judgement, however as a guide we have an article on Grade 1 reading levels and expectation on the site and you can access from the link here and below.

In this pack of Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Worksheets, there are five readers that have been leveled using the above systems at Grade 1 and one at Grade 1/2

How to use these Grade 1 Reading Worksheets.

They can be used as part of general lessons or as part of a Guided reading programme ( which is what we are building up on the site) A set of reading cards for schools to be able to target reading levels for their students and implement a cost saving reading system to help them better cater for learner diversity.

With that in mind we have some other resources that may be useful to you as well for Grade 1 reading tasks and lessons.

Further Grade 1 Reading resources

CVC Readers: These are a complete range of reading comprehension and phonics worksheets using CVC words ( the simplest of words) We have linked to the Poems versions here but we have CVC readers suitable for grade 1 ( especially ESL learners) on the site.

Kindergarten readers: These are designed with younger learners of English in Mind, not solely Kindergarten) They are more interactive and colorable as well as still providing reading practice and comprehension.

CVC generator: This is a simple online activities that generates CVC words 9 and nonsense words) to practice sound blending and get students ready for reading activities.

The Mega Bundle: This resources has over 350 pages of reading, phonics and English grammar worksheets, resources and materials and is used in over 160 countries globally. We have slapped a price tag on this but it does cover Kindo to grade 5-6 curriculums.

I have made these for my school and students. Guided and leveled readers can be really really expensive so I thought putting some packs of leveled readers might be helpful to teachers out there.

The phonics resources on this site also go well with this and they are also available in both free and editable versions

If you need the the full sets or editable sets check the two links below.

FREE Grade 1 reading comprehension worksheets
FREE Grade 1 reading comprehension worksheets

Most of resources can be premium downloaded below, they are all editable so you can adapt them for your, classes, students and schools. It also helps me with the costs of running the website!

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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