Free 2nd Grade Worksheets

Free 2nd Grade English Worksheets

2nd grade English Worksheet will cover common core standards including comprehension and phonics. These worksheets are free to download and cover phonics, sentence structure, Long and short vowels, reading skills and process writing instruction. They are designed for both homes and classrooms.

To access the pages for the FREE 2nd Grade worksheets you can click on the pictures below and it will it take you to the download pages. These are 2nd grade worksheets are in PDF form to enable them to be easily printable both in homes and in classrooms.

These 2nd Grade English Worksheets cover multiple topics and are designed to be student friendly and fun to use. We also have loads of other 2nd grade activities and other levels on the site, not just worksheets, Again you can access by using the menu above or the link here.

What is Taught In 2nd Grade English lessons?

In second grade students progress from learning to read towards reading to learn. This encompasses a mixture of decoding strategies for both phonics and comprehension, more complex vocabulary and sentence structures. These are often introduced throughout 2nd grade within English guided reading programs.

Of course everyone’s teaching environment is different and if you are home schooling, or teaching ESL students then you maybe need to adapt these a little. There are editable versions in the shop if you need. or you can take a look at the other grade resources we have as well.

You will find The FREE worksheets to help with this below.

Sentences and Sentence Construction 2nd Grade Worksheets.

These 2nd Grade Worksheets focus on Sentences and sentence construction. In earlier grades and kindergarten English lesson fosses on simple word construction and phonics, these worksheets help students to start to put these words into sentences.

The 2nd Grade English Worksheets below have been designed to be used in a scaffolded classroom with short to longer sentences included. This means it is possible to use these within mixed ability classrooms and to expand their use into both lower and higher grade levels.

Sentence Scramble Worksheets

Sentence Scramble Worksheets 2

Sentence Scramble Color Worksheets

CVC and Simple Word 2nd Grade English Worksheets

Although the majority of worksheets on this page are aimed at 2nd grade students, we are aware not all students learn at the same speed. Also some may be in ESL classrooms and be learning English as a second language.

So these CVC worksheets for 2nd graders could be used across a wide range of year groups depending on ability and stage of development. We have hundreds and hundreds of these on the site. These are some of the more popular.

Roll, Find and Color 2nd Grade Worksheets.

Roll and Read 2nd grade English Worksheets

Farm Phonics 2nd Grade Worksheets.

2nd Grade Phonics Worksheets

2nd Grade phonics worksheets will move from CVC words ( in native classrooms) from the CVC words above, to blends and digraphs. We have hundreds of blends and digraphs resources on the site, and we have highlighted the ones most suitable for 2nd grade and below here.

We also have games both printable and online that cover loads of different phonics topics

You can check out the other phonics resources on this link. There are activities for all.

Word Families Digraph Worksheets

Pick the Blend Worksheets

Blends and Digraph worksheets

Colour the Blends English Worksheets.

Space Phonics Worksheets

Ending Blends Worksheets

2nd Grade Site Words Worksheets

Site words can be introduced at an earlier stag than second grade in a native classroom, but with over 1000 commonly used words on Dolch lists and high frequency lists for students to learn then these sets of sight word quizzes and worksheets will come in handy for revision and for introducing new words.

2nd Grade Site Words Worksheets set 1

2nd Grade Sight words Worksheets Set 2

2nd Grade Sight word spelling Worksheets

2nd Grade Reading Worksheets

We really enjoying making these for home and classroom use. They are sets of readers to help students practice reading in short sharp bursts and then answer comprehension questions. We follow the reading levels Flesch has designed, though of course you can use them any way you wish.

These are designed and written for 2nd grade students and we also have sets of kindergarten, grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5 upwards. You can find them in this section on our site.

2nd Grade Reading Worksheets set 1

2nd Grade Reading Worksheets Set 2

2nd and 3rd Grade Reading Worksheets

2nd Grade Vowel Worksheets

Learning long and short vowels is certainly something that is addressed in 2nd grade. Below we have 3 of our best and most popular FREE downloads that address vowels both long and short.

These English Worksheets are suitable for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. We also have more advanced (and lower levels) on the site as well. If you need resources to help teach and listen to vowel sounds then you can check out here. we have an article on short vowel sounds. It also included British and American soundings of short vowels.

2nd Grade English – Silent E Worksheets

Long and Short Vowel Sorting

Long and Short Vowel Worksheets

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets

These offer teachers and parents to options to introduce process writing to grade 2 and above students. The animals has over 40 different pages to use an the dinosaurs over 15. These are free to downloads and use in class and homes.

They are great for English project work as writing tasks.

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets Animals

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets Dinosaurs

2nd Grade Writing Worksheets

We also have our most popular purchase on the site. which has over 370 pages of worksheets, games and activities to download and use. You can check it out by clicking on the picture below.

Grade 1-5 Worksheet bundle

Worksheets are not the only resource that should be used in 2nd grade of course. However plenty of tasks can be consolidated with a rusty worksheet.

It is important to diversify instruction methods in home and classrooms and out other resources offer the chance to mix up how you each you subjects. Check them out as well.

Happy teaching

*If you ae looking for kindergarten resources then you can take a look at a sister site that offers plenty of free resources as well.

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