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What is the Full List of Ar Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects On Google.

Last year, and its seems fairly regularly now, Google updated its search with AR ( Augmented Reality) Animals, insects, dinosaurs and critters of all shapes and sizes. For education this provides both a cool and useful added bonus when teaching these subjects.

This list of the Google AR animals includes Mammals like tigers, lions, giraffes, hippos and pigs, however it also now includes animals from Australia, insects both cute and scary and dinosaurs!

It looks like Google is seeing this as an important step moving forward, so when we hear of more animals, or otherwise, being added we will add them to the list below. Its already growing into a pretty long one!

They have also added Dinosaurs, 10 of them. These will be insanely popular I would imagine. Why not send the info to your students and let them learn on their own!

These AR animals, although not interactive are great to take photos of your children and students for classroom decorations. You could create a classroom zoo and have each student choose, and take a picture with an animal or dinosaur and then research and write some information or a guide for other students. (we have actually done this but with an App called AR ZOO, not there is no longer a need for a stand alone app. )

List of Animals in Google AR (Augmented Reality)

Animal AR on Google

Google are really fast tracking their AR searches at the moment. 50new animals were added in December 2020, a lot of dog breeds, so I guess if any one wants a puppy for Christmas then an AR one may be better. They are free and don’t make a mess on the floor. We have listed the animals, including all those dogs. below, and if you spot any more please make a comment and we can add them to the list, although we will split this page up if it gets to big it is good to have all of Googles AR Animals in one place for teachers.

Lion TigerCheetahShark
HedgehogDuckEmperor PenguinWolf
angler fishGoatRottweiler Snake
EagleBrown BearAlligatorHorse
Shetland ponyMacawPugTurtle
Golden RetrieverLeopardGolden EagleBorder Collie
PigFennec FoxGerman ShepardPitbull
Milk CowRagdoll CatBulldogRed Panda
HamsterCane COrsoHippoChihuahua
HippoHuskeysphynx catDaschund
Welsh CorgiDobermankittenCoyote

There are serious numbers as you can see, I doubt very much that we have found them all, so if you manage to find some please drop us a line. We put some examples of the animals on my most recent shopping trip ( i was supposed to be Christmas shopping) to give you an idea of what they look like.

List of Insects in Google AR ( Augmented Reality)

AR insects on Google

This is a great resource for science and stem lessons. There is an abundance of beetles here from cicada’s to stags. However, they have also provided butterflies, a mantis and a pretty good looking firefly. For projects in general studies, or even reading lessons on the hungry caterpillar they are definitely going to be useful. If you connect your phone to the whiteboard and screen share you can have these creepy crawlies walking around the classroom and listen to the squeals of your students. We have provided a list of the 20 more popular insects in Google AR here. (there are actually 3 more cicadas, but really how many do we need!!!)

You access these the same way, you Google search the insect and then press see in my space, then watch as it pops up in to your living room or classroom.

Miyama beetleDragonflyShining Ball Scarab beetleLadybird
hornetRhino beetleHercules beetleFirefly
Giant stagGrasshopperJewel beetleButterfly (swallowtail)
Brown cicadaMantisAtlas beetleMorpho butterfly
Evening cicadaStag beetleAtlas mothWalkers cicada

List of Dinosaurs in Google AR

Dinosaurs AR on Google

We have reviewed books and apps that offer Dinosaur AR and VR experiences, i can imagine they are not overly happy about this development!, but google has stepped in to the mix. Now you can access all of these for free. They have 10 dinosaurs at the moment which you can see listed below. you can have some fun with these, and there are recording and photo taking opportunities here for you children and students.

As above you have to Google the name of the dinosaur, the spelling may be tricky for younger learners, but Google auto complete will help here, then press see in my space. Then you can play with your new pet dinosaur. We did one for you on that link 😛

They have the more popular dinosaurs, and seem to have watch Jurassic World just prior to making these, however they are all great quality. If you are looking for some thing more interactive that children can control then check out the Carlton Digital Magic Series of books which offer AR and interactivity, where you can make them stomp around your garden and hose and chase the neighbors cat, your students or even your own children to your hearts content. We made a quick video of a TREX in a shopping mall here in Hong Kong. No running or screaming though.

Why not make a movie about a velociraptor in school! I know I am going to. ( whenever we get back into classrooms that is !)

StegosaurusBrachiosaurus AnkylosaurusParasaurolophus
SpinosaurusTyrannosaurus RexVelociraptorTriceratops

We will keep watching for more AR Resources from Google, they seem to be on a three monthly roll out of new content at the moment. However there are clearly interesting options to use Googles AR content in classrooms, for research, projects, field trips or purely for the fun of putting a stag beetle on your teachers face!

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