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Making English Fun has an Online Store!

The resources are increasing on the site by quite a rate now and they take a serious amount of time to put together. I am of course still offering them for free in both the teaching resources section and in the new store. However over the course of the next month i will be changing some to PDF from PowerPoint so if you want to download the editable ones for free now is the time!

So the store will be full of all the editable versions of the resources so you can change them to suit your students, classrooms and schools! so i hope that is helpful to you.

However i will be offering coupons to those who are in desperate need and to the Facebook group and the subscribers! So if you wanted a reason to subscribe this is a good one. I will be doing giveaways once a month enough to grab a couple of resources 🙂

So why now, and why chargeable after 6 months. The cost of running the website isn’t that cheap so hopefully this will cover the cost. If its a struggle for some of you then the coupons will help.

We are quite excited about it as it s the first time we have tried to run a store. If you have any suggestions or ideas we are more than happy to listen to them, especially if you have run a store or site before.

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We are also looking at putting together an E-book this year, but that is likely to be totally free as it will be a collection of lesson plans and activities to help new and experienced teachers as they progress on their ESL journey.

In the meantime enjoy the site, download what you need soon! and if you can help out we are very grateful and I hope the resources are useful for you.

Don’t forget to subscribe for the free giveaways and feel free to come join us on Facebook where we have a growing community of teachers! The link is one the Facebook page linked either at the side if you are on a desktop or near the bottom if you are on mobile.

Happy teaching and stay in touch! I have put some examples below just to show you all what it looks like now!

Post by Marc of Making English Fun

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I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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