How to disable Word Ads on your WordPress site.

I had such high hopes, start my teaching website, get some advertisements on there to maybe buy me a coffee or a soda a day and enjoy seeing that happens while i concentrate on writing and sharing some of the teaching resources and strategies i have learn over the to many to count years i have been teaching. It has been 9 months…

I will let you see how many of these cups of coffee i have managed to earn in that time with the graph above.

So I little wiser, but most certainly not a little richer i have decided to turn off the WordAds on my website and move to something much better, which i will mention in the next post however, i couldn’t for the life of me remember how to turn the ads off so i got in touch with the help staff at WordPress and asked,

This is how to turn off Word Ads, and the images here should demonstrate why you need to keep an eye on those income generating stats.


  1. Log in to WordPress and bring up the side menu and find tools.

2) Scroll down to marketing

3) Click it and move to the traffic tab. When you click it it show the option showing ads on the home page and at the end of every post if you slide this to off it will disable the ads, and your ( if yours is like mine) ability to earn 52 cents a year is all gone.

Word Ads pays out at 100 dollars so it would take me just under 200 years to actually get a payment from them at this rate. I may not have one foot in the grave but i have a feeling in 199 years from now 100 dollars wont be worth that much to my Great Great Great Great grandchildren

I am already with Adsense and have just started with Media.net and both of these, pay serious amounts more. Adsense is actually performing better but iI have only been with Media.net for 3 days so i have a lot of work to optimize it but so far it looks like a very useful addition to the site. ( if i manage to keep them as my traffic is pretty global and they like English speaking rich countries as a rule of thumb.

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