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The Best Free Online Action Verb Games

Best online action verbs games

One of the most effective ways of teaching action verbs if unable to use physical activities is to use some practice and consolidation online action verb games.

The Best Free Online Adjective Games

Best free Online Adjective games

One of the most effective ways of teaching in groups is to use some of the excellent practice and consolidation online adjective games

The Best Free Online Syllable Games

Effective online Syllable games use both syllable recognition and construction exercises allowing students to consolidate these skills.

The Best Free Online Prepositions Games

One of the most effective ways of teaching in groups is to use some of the excellent practice and consolidation online prepositions games that there are free on the internet.

Do Adverbs Always End in -ly?

The majority of adverbs do end in ”ly” but it is not a set rule. There is more to consider than just the ending spellings of words to determine what meaning to apportion to them

The Best Free Online Sentence Games

Sentence games are a successful way to introduce both the initial concepts of sentence construction to young learners, and then extending that learning with more complex structures

How Can Phonics Help with Speech Development?

Phonological awareness is a spoken language skill. If this skill can be developed it will be strongly connected to early reading and writing abilities. As these abilities progress then so does the literacy levels of students. These skills includes listening, reading, writing and of course speaking.

20 Of The Best Phonics Songs For Kindergarten, ESL And Primary Students.

The best phonics songs for children have to include these key elements: Simple language, repetitive, include the phonics target language and of course they have to be fun. Songs like the phonics song, the Magic E song all include these and will increase students motivation and abilities in both phonics and English.

What are the best Online Phonics Games for Kindergarten?

Online Phonics games for Kindergarten can include spelling, reading, listening and even writing games, these can be online and offline, free and paid, and quick and in depth, group and individual games. These phonics games will include single sounds and simple word blending which are suitable for kindergarten levels.

The Best Free Phonics Activities

Here are 100s of free phonics games, phonics activites, CVC readers and worksheets, Blending and Digraphs games, Vowels – long and short and weird worksheets and activities on this site and i have picked some examples of our best.