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How to find Baby Yoda on Google AR

Well the have done it again. This time they have added Baby Yoda, The Child or Grogu to their collection of FREE AR ( Augmented reality experiences). To see Baby Yoda in AR simply type in Baby Yoda, The Child or of course, Grogu into google and you will see the below picture.

3 Free Online Christmas Games for Kindergarten and young Learners

3 Christmas games to play at home or in the classroom. We have a Christmas Rhyme, a Christmas Vocabulary matching game and a ”just for fun” Find the Christmas Hidden object game.

Tromso at Christmas

Northern Europe in winter is as picture perfect as the postcards suggest, although the further North you go the less time you will have to see it as the sun is in the sky for increasingly short times, or if you are very far North it may not show its face for a good 2 months.