I guess its a sign of the times, although of course it is good practice either way. I am currently off school in Hong Kong due to the Coronavirus, Covid-19, Captain Trips ( for those of you that get the reference) and we are due to go back in April / May if all stays stable. SO i made these for my school as i didn’t see them there, at least not in English and not with the cool pictures that Freepik has at the moment. ( i didn’t check their download numbers but i bet they are huge!)

So i put these together, there are three for the girls bathroom, two for the boys, and one for the more enlightened workplaces that is gender neutral, or doesn’t have a picture on it basically.

Free to download of course! I am making enough money from my sideline in selling toilet roll. ( joking of course :P)

Hope they are useful and hope you are managing OK where ever you are.

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